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Miranda Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 10:26:46 PM(UTC)
I'm sure you'll never read this and that's ok I guess.
I'm sitting at home (as per usual) and I'm watching 'Joker'. Got it for 99 cents 🤗
I've never written 'fan mail' to anyone cos I think it's stupid. 😂 But something about today made me do it.
I live in Inverloch, Victoria. Australia. At the moment it's very smoky even though there are no fires in our area. Today I drove across the bridge to Phillip island and looking over the water was like looking into white light. One definitely had to second check themselves. My son and went over there to pick up a second hand surf board from my uncle which is awesome. I don't surf but we live in a surf side town so I want him to. Although I did volunteer at some point to look after the children at a mum's and bubs surf club.....whoops I digress.
Aaany way so it's a weird feeling here at the moment all smoky and hot and strange and still. A little girl died on the pier about a week ago. The ins and outs are not really known by the public. Accidently stabbed in the chest by a fishing knife is all I know. I was at work while it was happening and some stupid guy came in grabbing all sorts of shit off social media about assault with a deadly weapon and bla bla gossip. But I freaked out because my son was at home on his own so rather than continue to listen I stepped outside and called him to tell him to stay inside. A few days later some old man mistook the accelerator for the brake in the main street an ran over someone....twice! And then into a brick wall!! Whoops! All survived thankfully.Strange times though.

😂You're so easy to talk to... probably because i know you'll never read. It's like writing a journal but better because there's no expectation that I will write again.

Ok so anyway. I'm not a die hard fan of anyone. I'm not a serious movie buff in the sense that I don't really recall shit and memorize it. I watch, I take it in, I love it or I don't but even when I do I don't obsess over it.

All I think that I know, and the reason why I send this message, is that it can't be possible for someone to act in the roles that you and to do it with such intensity and grace without having had the experience of intense pain and sorrow.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Ok so stupid 'fan' moment. I reckon you'd be awesome to hang out with and cordially invite you to come to my house in inverloch to sit on the rug and talk about shit. I'm sure you've got a tell of a lot more to say than I do but...well...lemme know if you're interested. Bet you've never been to inverloch before. 😉👍

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