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Mystaria (Today at 10:28:03 AM(UTC) ): i have to wait for dvd for those.. and waiting for dvd for mary magdalene too.. im usually pretty good with going to see joaqs movies.
Mystaria (Today at 10:27:44 AM(UTC) ): Im so mad at myself that i missed DWHWGFOF and sisters brothers. sisters brothers is by Temple University too far for me to travel too :(
HippieChick (Today at 8:04:31 AM(UTC) ): No. I’m still waiting for Mary Magdalene to come out on DVD
admin (Today at 5:07:15 AM(UTC) ): I feel like i've seen Joker already too Clown RollEyes
admin (Today at 5:06:22 AM(UTC) ): YWNRH, DWHWGFOF and Mary Magdalene so far for me Cool... and about half of Dominion Sad
admin (Today at 5:04:49 AM(UTC) ): Anyone seen any of the Joaq man's movies this year? BigGrin Most nonchalant fans ever Hug Thumbs Up BigGrin RollEyes
admin (Today at 5:03:08 AM(UTC) ): Anyone seen The Sisters Brothers yet? RollEyes Talk to the hand
HippieChick (Yesterday at 4:59:13 PM(UTC) ): That’s an interesting question. I know they have finished filming in Newark for now. So back to anew York or who knows where next?
admin (Yesterday at 2:39:30 PM(UTC) ): Joker leakages seem to have slowed this week... will we get a spurt this weekend? Think Unsure
Mystaria (Yesterday at 10:23:04 AM(UTC) ): TGIF! Happy Friday! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxo
HippieChick (10/18/2018 2:53:43 PM(UTC) ): Thank you admin and mystaria Hug
Mystaria (10/18/2018 12:53:58 PM(UTC) ): Prayers for you and your family HC.. i cant believe its been that long for you guys. HUGS Hug love ya
Mystaria (10/18/2018 12:53:38 PM(UTC) ): sok HC no worries its all good. i appreciate you posting tho.
HippieChick (10/17/2018 1:52:18 PM(UTC) ): I need a drink
admin (10/17/2018 12:26:16 PM(UTC) ): Sad Sorry to hear that HippieChick Sad
HippieChick (10/17/2018 12:22:32 PM(UTC) ): I’m so not ok right now. Not after seeing that!
HippieChick (10/17/2018 12:21:44 PM(UTC) ): On fucking digital spy leaked photos of Joaquin as joker sprawled out on a police car after apparently being HIT BY A CAR, in a scene for the film.
HippieChick (10/17/2018 12:20:50 PM(UTC) ): Ok I am so NOT OK RIGHT NOW! Saturday is the eighth anniversary of my daughter’s death and she was struck and killed by a car and I just saw
HippieChick (10/17/2018 12:16:18 PM(UTC) ): I think the first one was daily mail or something. Sorry.
Mystaria (10/17/2018 9:08:00 AM(UTC) ): Thank You HC The google link doesnt work but the just jared link does. hugs love ya xoxo Hug
Mystaria (10/16/2018 3:15:20 PM(UTC) ): Happy Belated Birthday to Hearts hubby Jeffrey Weisberg. who celebrated yesterday. hope he had a great day. xoxooo
admin (10/16/2018 12:36:28 PM(UTC) ): Cool
Mystaria (10/15/2018 8:52:53 AM(UTC) ): 9 weeks til xmas. yayayayyay :) :) :) xoxoxoox are you ready?
Mystaria (10/15/2018 8:52:39 AM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxoxooxox
Mystaria (10/15/2018 8:52:19 AM(UTC) ): Heart Heart Heart for the new pictures of Joaquin xoxoxo
Mystaria (10/15/2018 8:52:09 AM(UTC) ): Beer Kiss Cheek Kiss for you minion xoxoxo
HippieChick (10/15/2018 6:35:23 AM(UTC) ): Heart
admin (10/14/2018 12:05:17 PM(UTC) ): I need a drink! Beer BigGrin RollEyes
admin (10/14/2018 10:08:48 AM(UTC) ): Cool Thumbs Up
Mystaria (10/14/2018 9:31:38 AM(UTC) ): Thanks for adding the new joaq icons. hugs xoxoxo Hug Kiss
TTwombly2013 (10/14/2018 8:54:14 AM(UTC) ): new things Bring the hammer! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! thanks admin
admin (10/14/2018 7:25:14 AM(UTC) ): Bring the hammer! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thumbs Up
Mystaria (10/14/2018 5:33:04 AM(UTC) ): lol @ min xoxo
Mystaria (10/14/2018 5:33:01 AM(UTC) ): missed you Leo Hug so happy youre back xoxoo
HippieChick (10/14/2018 3:29:13 AM(UTC) ): Hey Leoness!
admin (10/14/2018 2:50:17 AM(UTC) ): You were never really here Leoness Silly BigGrin RollEyes Hug
Leoness7777 (10/13/2018 8:18:35 PM(UTC) ): ill be back.
Leoness7777 (10/13/2018 8:15:45 PM(UTC) ): So how long will he be filming?
Leoness7777 (10/13/2018 8:14:33 PM(UTC) ): Boy he looks wonderful as The Joker...doesn't he? Love the clown suit!!!
Leoness7777 (10/13/2018 8:14:11 PM(UTC) ): So how are all of your JP addicts doing?
Leoness7777 (10/13/2018 8:13:57 PM(UTC) ): Had to crash the party sorry Admin! Seems like I was locked out of for a bit, but I'm Still Here LOL Applause LOL
admin (10/13/2018 1:45:58 PM(UTC) ): The Joaq man is currently filming in Newark, NJ Cool Thumbs Up Clown
admin (10/13/2018 1:29:44 PM(UTC) ): Landmark's Ritz Five, 3904, 214 Walnut St, Philadelphia is showing The Sisters Brothers Think
Mystaria (10/13/2018 9:13:31 AM(UTC) ): i dont think its opening close to me min i want too tho xoxoo
admin (10/12/2018 4:44:46 PM(UTC) ): Going to see The Sisters Brothers soon Mystaria? Think
Mystaria (10/12/2018 12:39:50 PM(UTC) ): TGIF everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs xoxoxo Hug Heart u all xoxoxo
HippieChick (10/11/2018 2:44:28 PM(UTC) ): Absolutely!
admin (10/11/2018 2:07:26 PM(UTC) ): Clown
admin (10/11/2018 1:57:56 PM(UTC) ): Cool Thumbs Up Let's hope for a leaky weekend HippieChick BigGrin
HippieChick (10/11/2018 1:38:52 PM(UTC) ): I’ve noticed we get most of the leaks on the weekends and early in the week.
admin (10/11/2018 1:31:46 PM(UTC) ): What!? No Joker leaked set footage for a whole day Crying Crying Crying
admin (10/11/2018 1:31:18 PM(UTC) ): Hug
Mystaria (10/8/2018 12:05:45 PM(UTC) ): For u minion Kiss Wub Love Love Minion Happy Minion Tongue Minion Wave
admin (10/8/2018 9:33:51 AM(UTC) ): Hug
Mystaria (10/8/2018 8:59:09 AM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxooxo
HippieChick (10/7/2018 10:58:54 AM(UTC) ): Those are really nice
Mystaria (10/7/2018 9:13:00 AM(UTC) ): Thanks minion.. have a great Sunday everyone. hugs xoxoxo Hug
admin (10/7/2018 2:05:33 AM(UTC) ): Also:
admin (10/7/2018 1:59:14 AM(UTC) ): More Joker filiming footage on the forum RollEyes
Mystaria (10/6/2018 12:41:38 PM(UTC) ): Thats true.. by going vegan.. but it still doesnt stop it all together. xoxoxo
admin (10/6/2018 8:19:49 AM(UTC) ): powerless Confused We can all do our bit Mystaria Cool
Mystaria (10/6/2018 8:13:02 AM(UTC) ): i know me too. so sad and heartbreaking and we are powerless to stop it ;( :( :( xoxoxo
admin (10/6/2018 8:00:10 AM(UTC) ): Mad about what the documentary shows Mystaria Sad
Mystaria (10/6/2018 7:49:54 AM(UTC) ): Hug Kiss
Mystaria (10/6/2018 7:49:50 AM(UTC) ): you seem mad about it min? That its free to watch now.. ?? how come? Hugs xoxo
admin (10/6/2018 4:55:36 AM(UTC) ): Dominion full documentary now available to watch on the forum Mad
HippieChick (10/5/2018 6:49:31 PM(UTC) ): Happy weekend!
Mystaria (10/5/2018 11:38:36 AM(UTC) ): and helps him adjust stuff too
Mystaria (10/5/2018 11:38:27 AM(UTC) ): I Think leo is rio i think he goes by leo sometimes.. leo phoenix its credited as on he is skateboarder #5 admin and he helps joaq up
Mystaria (10/5/2018 5:37:48 AM(UTC) ): shit that was me forgot to log in again sorry..
Guest (10/5/2018 5:37:29 AM(UTC) ): That is pretty good HC. always good to be alive another day.
Guest (10/5/2018 5:37:13 AM(UTC) ): Hug Heart
Guest (10/5/2018 5:37:07 AM(UTC) ): TGIF Everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you all have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs love ya xoxoox
Guest (10/5/2018 5:36:52 AM(UTC) ): yes the nephews do. Rio Phoenix-asch
admin (10/4/2018 3:05:02 PM(UTC) ): 6th Oct 2018 @ 10PM, NYC Thumbs Up
admin (10/4/2018 12:52:59 PM(UTC) ): Oh yeah, I remember seeing another Phoenix in the credits for DWHWGFOF. Nephews have the surname Phoenix too? Think
HippieChick (10/4/2018 12:25:25 PM(UTC) ): I’m alive so I guess that’s pretty good. BigGrin
Mystaria (10/4/2018 12:18:58 PM(UTC) ): sorry forgot to log in guest was me xoxo
Guest (10/4/2018 12:18:41 PM(UTC) ): how are you doing min and tt and hc? Love you all Heart hugs Hug
Mystaria (10/4/2018 12:09:06 PM(UTC) ): Let us know how you like it TT?
Mystaria (10/4/2018 12:09:01 PM(UTC) ): Rio did photography for the movie. awesome!!!
Mystaria (10/4/2018 12:09:00 PM(UTC) ): Rio did photography for the movie. awesome!!!
Mystaria (10/4/2018 12:08:53 PM(UTC) ): yes but realize minion we had an overdose of Rooney too.. not all of us care for her that much:) I hear his nephew is in the movie & His other nephew
admin (10/4/2018 9:03:06 AM(UTC) ): Thumbs Up Enjoy TT... let us know what you think Think
TTwombly2013 (10/4/2018 8:31:00 AM(UTC) ): i think i'm going to see it soon
admin (10/4/2018 8:10:37 AM(UTC) ): Well, it's a nice movie, the Joaq man does a good job once again Thumbs Up Cool Beer
Mystaria (10/4/2018 6:55:01 AM(UTC) ): not yet min.. hope to see it by the end of the end of the year. hugs xoxo
HippieChick (10/3/2018 4:19:47 PM(UTC) ): Not yet
admin (10/3/2018 2:10:13 PM(UTC) ): Who's seen Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot then? Think
HippieChick (10/3/2018 11:04:44 AM(UTC) ): People are definitely obsessed
Mystaria (10/3/2018 9:18:02 AM(UTC) ): sweeeeeeeeeeeeet minion
Mystaria (10/3/2018 5:31:25 AM(UTC) ): Thanks HC xoxox Hug
Mystaria (10/3/2018 5:31:19 AM(UTC) ): awesome min..
HippieChick (10/2/2018 5:34:25 PM(UTC) ): Party
admin (10/2/2018 3:51:23 PM(UTC) ): Thumbs Up
admin (10/2/2018 3:42:39 PM(UTC) ): Clown Smoking Clown Smoking Clown Smoking RollEyes
HippieChick (10/2/2018 11:25:30 AM(UTC) ): Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
admin (10/2/2018 8:59:20 AM(UTC) ): Video of the scene in the link below... ThumpUp
admin (10/2/2018 6:46:10 AM(UTC) ): Cool Thumbs Up
admin (10/2/2018 3:05:15 AM(UTC) ):
admin (10/2/2018 2:57:41 AM(UTC) ): ... or was it The Immigrant? Confused He's definately done it before RollEyes
admin (10/2/2018 2:56:02 AM(UTC) ): In that latest footage from the Joker movie, isn't Joaquin doing the same bow as he did in Two Lovers? Think
Mystaria (10/1/2018 3:18:17 PM(UTC) ): i agree he should be #1
Mystaria (10/1/2018 3:18:07 PM(UTC) ): Thats cos the joaq man is da best:) xoxoxo
Mystaria (10/1/2018 3:17:59 PM(UTC) ): Kiss Kiss Kiss Flower Flower Flower Love Love Love ty Min for the presents and wishes for Marisa. i appreciate it. xoxoxo
TTwombly2013 (10/1/2018 3:14:55 PM(UTC) ): #4 isn't high enough. He should be #1
admin (10/1/2018 3:13:57 PM(UTC) ): Clown Thumbs Up
admin (10/1/2018 2:38:09 PM(UTC) ): and the Joaq man is currently #4 on the star meter He's going to luv that accolade Laugh LOL RollEyes
admin (10/1/2018 2:36:55 PM(UTC) ): The Joker is currently #1 on the popularity ranking Thumbs Up
admin (10/1/2018 2:35:09 PM(UTC) ): Gift Gift Gift Cake Dancing Balloon Thumbs Up Hug
Mystaria (10/1/2018 1:49:43 PM(UTC) ): My princess Marisa is gonna be 23 tomorrow. i cant believe it. time flew by!! oxoxoxoo
Mystaria (10/1/2018 1:49:27 PM(UTC) ): TY Min.. they are leaking so much. i hope they dont spoil it for us.
Mystaria (10/1/2018 1:49:14 PM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Happy October 1st. Hope you all will have a beautiful night and weekend. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxoxo
HippieChick (10/1/2018 1:17:05 PM(UTC) ): Well damn, they started off spoiling us with leaked images and now not a damn thing. That is cruel.
HippieChick (9/30/2018 6:07:59 PM(UTC) ): Cool
admin (9/30/2018 3:29:25 PM(UTC) ): Filming will also take place in Newark from Oct. 13-16. Cool
HippieChick (9/30/2018 1:12:31 PM(UTC) ): Groovy
HippieChick (9/30/2018 12:22:40 PM(UTC) ): Sweet
Mystaria (9/30/2018 11:58:48 AM(UTC) ): kewl
HippieChick (9/29/2018 5:04:00 PM(UTC) ): I believe that is tomorrow and November 9. I wonder where else he will be filming in the meantime?
admin (9/29/2018 1:28:58 PM(UTC) ): The Joaq man filming in Jersey City, NJ next Think
Mystaria (9/29/2018 12:11:48 PM(UTC) ): lol @ min xxooxoox
admin (9/29/2018 12:10:08 PM(UTC) ): Because of all the attention, Joaquin has insisted that the rest of the movie be filmed in a bunker 2 miles underground BigGrin RollEyes Clown
HippieChick (9/29/2018 9:28:14 AM(UTC) ): Maybe that's why we haven't seen him this week?
admin (9/29/2018 8:35:20 AM(UTC) ): Clown Thumbs Up The attention must be driving the Joaq man Silly Silly Silly
HippieChick (9/29/2018 6:12:03 AM(UTC) ): I know and I’ll bet you the number one cosplay and Halloween costume this year is gonna be his Joker. I see it all over the internet daily.
admin (9/29/2018 3:46:03 AM(UTC) ): People are having tattoos of Joaquin's clown face Blink Blink Blink RollEyes Cool
admin (9/29/2018 3:32:24 AM(UTC) ): BigGrin
HippieChick (9/28/2018 5:59:19 PM(UTC) ): aww don't cry Arthur, I make it all better with hugs.
Mystaria (9/28/2018 5:47:50 PM(UTC) ): ty min xoxoxo
admin (9/28/2018 4:28:38 PM(UTC) ): Music Cool Thumbs Up
Mystaria (9/28/2018 1:40:49 PM(UTC) ): TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! Hope all of you will have a beautiful night and weekend. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxoxox
HippieChick (9/28/2018 12:24:10 PM(UTC) ): Right on. Man where did everyone go?
admin (9/28/2018 8:51:33 AM(UTC) ): Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot is available on digital download next week Cool
HippieChick (9/25/2018 4:26:14 PM(UTC) ): Knowing him, probably

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