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Camille (Yesterday at 11:00:51 PM(UTC) ): now let's pray the movie is good Laugh Laugh
Camille (Yesterday at 11:00:07 PM(UTC) ): so production has officially wrapped
Camille (Yesterday at 10:58:53 PM(UTC) ): can't believe the year is about to end. I thought I was the only one who felt the years pass by faster as I get older
Camille (Yesterday at 10:56:58 PM(UTC) ): Hi guys. how are you all? Wave
Mystaria (Yesterday at 8:27:15 AM(UTC) ): 8 more days now left til christmas. cant freakin wait xoxoxoox
Mystaria (Yesterday at 6:24:19 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone! happy Monday. hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxoxoox
Mystaria (Yesterday at 6:23:53 AM(UTC) ): hope you will have fun with your dds presents Leo. im soo excited. i cant wait to see my familys faces when they open up their presents.
Mystaria (Yesterday at 6:23:05 AM(UTC) ): Ty min. it does go by faster as we get older hc i noticed that.
HippieChick (Yesterday at 5:02:43 AM(UTC) ): It seems that every year goes by faster as I get older. Scared
Leoness7777 (12/16/2018 8:48:31 PM(UTC) ): I'm done with everything too HC -- Mystarria we know you were done ages ago. I can't wait to put some of my DD's gifts to use LOL LOL LOL Wink
Leoness7777 (12/16/2018 8:47:30 PM(UTC) ): Hello Admin HC Mystaria -- the season has kinda snuck up on us this year...just 9 days OMG and 8 days for XMAS eve...
Leoness7777 (12/16/2018 8:46:19 PM(UTC) ): He'll be back Admin soon enough -- don't you think? I agree with you I think he'll be hibernating over the winter at least. Think
admin (12/16/2018 3:40:24 PM(UTC) ): When will we see the Joaq man next? Bored His hibernation period may be quite long this time Unsure
admin (12/16/2018 3:39:35 PM(UTC) ): You've got enough Christmas spirit for all of us Mystaria Hug Party
Mystaria (12/16/2018 2:39:34 PM(UTC) ): how are the rest of ya all with the Christmas spirit??? xoxoxo
Mystaria (12/16/2018 7:13:13 AM(UTC) ): very kewl hC Sorry about the spirit tho..hope you will get some.
HippieChick (12/15/2018 3:23:20 PM(UTC) ): Kinda. I got my shopping done, but nothing has been able to put me in the spirit this year.
Mystaria (12/15/2018 1:38:40 PM(UTC) ): 10 days til Christmas!!! I cant wait, so excited. how about all of you?? :) xoxoxooo
Mystaria (12/14/2018 1:45:39 PM(UTC) ): Hug Hug Hug minion xoxoxo
admin (12/14/2018 1:37:00 PM(UTC) ): Hug
HippieChick (12/14/2018 11:59:31 AM(UTC) ): Happy Friday!
Mystaria (12/14/2018 8:12:20 AM(UTC) ): Mornin everyone! TGIF! happy Friday! hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxoox
Mystaria (12/14/2018 8:11:52 AM(UTC) ): too
Mystaria (12/14/2018 8:11:51 AM(UTC) ): <---loves his long hair to
Mystaria (12/14/2018 8:11:44 AM(UTC) ): Jokers coming out oct 4th 2019 leo.. and thats great about his old movies surfacing. they should.
HippieChick (12/14/2018 6:37:48 AM(UTC) ): I love his hair long and curly too Leoness.
Leoness7777 (12/13/2018 8:50:06 PM(UTC) ): Big hugs everyone Hug have to run..p.s. Mystaria JP's old movies seem to be surfacing everywhere now!!! Boxing
Leoness7777 (12/13/2018 8:49:05 PM(UTC) ): Does anyone know when it is going to be in theaters? Now, that's a movie that EVERYONE is going to be looking forward to.
Leoness7777 (12/13/2018 8:48:04 PM(UTC) ): Hope he wears his hair the same way as he wears it in the movie...down a little longer -- I like that for a change. Whadya think?
Leoness7777 (12/13/2018 8:46:51 PM(UTC) ): Hello Everyone! How's your week going so far? I definitely think we'll be seeing JP doing some promotional stuff for the Joker that's for sure.
Mystaria (12/13/2018 4:39:47 PM(UTC) ): hope you will enjoy i cant wait for it to come out on blu ray and amazon prime. xoxoxo
admin (12/13/2018 2:22:40 PM(UTC) ): Looking forward to seeing The Sisters Brothers next month Cool
Mystaria (12/12/2018 10:44:57 AM(UTC) ): hope so tt xoxoxo
TTwombly2013 (12/11/2018 3:18:33 PM(UTC) ): Wonder if he'll go on Ellen to promote the Joker? Think
Mystaria (12/11/2018 1:06:47 PM(UTC) ): to go on. hope he will go back. ellen loves him oxxoox
Mystaria (12/11/2018 1:06:38 PM(UTC) ): you know min i waited 11 years for him to come on ellen. when he finally went on in 2012 it made my day and year. glad his sisters convinced him
Mystaria (12/11/2018 1:04:55 PM(UTC) ): he was soo cute in murder she wrote min.. awww.................. :) :) :)
Mystaria (12/11/2018 1:04:44 PM(UTC) ): I remember he was supposed to be in true detective. but i think vince vaughn was in it instead..
admin (12/11/2018 12:43:00 PM(UTC) ): Yeah TT, True Detective season 1 was good... but i stopped watch season 2 after about 3 episodes ThumbDown Bored
TTwombly2013 (12/11/2018 12:39:41 PM(UTC) ): I haven't seen it yet but I heard that the True Detective season he was rumored for was pretty bad so its probably a good thing he wasn't in it
admin (12/11/2018 12:03:05 PM(UTC) ): Joaquin was rumored for that True Detective show at one point? Think Looks like it didn't happen. He should go Murder She Wrote again Laugh RollEyes
Mystaria (12/11/2018 8:13:04 AM(UTC) ): im also with you tt.. i would like to see him back on ellen. again xoxox
HippieChick (12/10/2018 8:19:37 PM(UTC) ): I’m with you TT. It would be nice to see him on the tube every week.
TTwombly2013 (12/10/2018 4:46:00 PM(UTC) ): I don't know about anyone else but I'd like to see Joaquin do a TV show sometime
Mystaria (12/10/2018 3:13:32 PM(UTC) ): I dont know min i doubt it. hope james gray or pta will do another movie with him
Mystaria (12/10/2018 3:13:17 PM(UTC) ): Thanks Min.. i appreciate it. xoxoox Hug Cheek Kiss Kiss Love Love Wub
admin (12/10/2018 2:36:32 PM(UTC) ): Will Joaquin do another Western movie so soon after The Sisters Brothers Think No No No I don't think Far Bright Star will happen anytime soon.
admin (12/10/2018 2:35:34 PM(UTC) ): Sad Hug
Mystaria (12/10/2018 1:15:27 PM(UTC) ): heaven too :(
Mystaria (12/10/2018 1:07:23 PM(UTC) ): today marks a year since my mom died and went to heave. i miss her soo much. Crying Crying Crying
Mystaria (12/10/2018 9:54:29 AM(UTC) ): happy birthday to Summer Phoenix whos the big 40 today. hope you have a fabulous day. xoxox Gift Gift Gift Flowers Flowers Flowers Flower Flower Flower Cake Cake Cake Balloon Balloon Balloon Party Party Party
Mystaria (12/10/2018 9:54:03 AM(UTC) ): happy Monday everyone. hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxo
Mystaria (12/9/2018 4:19:45 PM(UTC) ): and also about two lovers i will watch that too
Mystaria (12/9/2018 4:19:25 PM(UTC) ): Ty for the info leo about buffalo soldiers being on tubi. i will watch it again this week. have it on dvd.
Mystaria (12/9/2018 4:19:09 PM(UTC) ): i miss his karate pics. Been a long time since we saw him there.
Mystaria (12/9/2018 4:18:51 PM(UTC) ): of us watching you were never really here at the same time :)
Mystaria (12/9/2018 4:18:43 PM(UTC) ): TT Gmta great minds think alike. :)
Mystaria (12/9/2018 4:18:33 PM(UTC) ): I hope so min. it would be nice to see joaq and casey work together again. its still on his
TTwombly2013 (12/9/2018 3:56:05 PM(UTC) ): How long has it been in production for?
admin (12/9/2018 3:29:56 PM(UTC) ): Will Far Bright Star get made now? Think Unsure
admin (12/9/2018 10:06:39 AM(UTC) ): Hi ladies and TT Hug Hug Hug Is Joaquin back at the Karate yet? Think Boxing
HippieChick (12/8/2018 7:34:10 PM(UTC) ): Hello everyone! Happy Saturday.
Leoness7777 (12/8/2018 6:37:26 PM(UTC) ): Listen the guy is a REALLY good looking guy and he's got GREAT eyes -- ONE WORD sums it all up. HOT! HOT HOT! lol
Leoness7777 (12/8/2018 6:36:24 PM(UTC) ): I mean his look -- I think he was REALLY hot here too Groovy! What do you think? Am I right or what? Wink
Leoness7777 (12/8/2018 6:35:27 PM(UTC) ): Actually, come to think of it. He looks really good in his latest movie DWHWGFOF and then I have difficulty choosing which character I like best
Leoness7777 (12/8/2018 6:04:17 PM(UTC) ): I watched dwhwgfof on Amazon close to a month ago..It's been out there...I purchased a 30 day rental...should have purchased it, but
Leoness7777 (12/8/2018 6:01:05 PM(UTC) ): I think I like how he looked for the Joker even though he is a bit too thin...I think he looked really good
Leoness7777 (12/8/2018 6:00:21 PM(UTC) ): FYI You Were Never Really Here is on Pluto and Two Lovers/ Buffalo Soldiers is on TUBI FYI
Leoness7777 (12/8/2018 5:56:47 PM(UTC) ): Hey Admin I give you credit where you deserve it LOL -- yeah keeping up with JP is not like keeping up with the Kardashians LOL.
TTwombly2013 (12/8/2018 4:03:02 PM(UTC) ): Spooky Blink I also watched You Were Never Really Here tonight
Mystaria (12/8/2018 2:46:30 PM(UTC) ): and i love hearing him say my name in it.. lol janice my ex girlfriend from 20 years ago :) hehheh
Mystaria (12/8/2018 2:46:12 PM(UTC) ): I tried to watch dwhwgfof on amazon prime but it wouldnt let me. i think i would have to buy it. i watched you were never really here again
Mystaria (12/8/2018 2:45:47 PM(UTC) ): spike would be different as was her.
Mystaria (12/8/2018 2:45:35 PM(UTC) ): pta or james.. if you ask me.
TTwombly2013 (12/8/2018 2:30:11 PM(UTC) ): More PTA pls
admin (12/8/2018 2:24:45 PM(UTC) ): What type of movie would you gals and TT like to see the Joaq man in next??? Think Another Spike Jonze or PTA movie would be good Cool Pray
Mystaria (12/7/2018 4:59:38 PM(UTC) ): hope it will be soon. if he doesnt decide to hibernate on us ;) heheh
Mystaria (12/7/2018 4:59:27 PM(UTC) ): ty min. i am lucky too to have him. he is a blessing to me. xoxooxo Hug Cheek Kiss Kiss
admin (12/7/2018 3:49:12 PM(UTC) ): When will we see the Joaq man again...? Sad Could be a long time Think Bored Yawn Sleep
admin (12/7/2018 3:48:30 PM(UTC) ): Lucky Barry Gift Hug
Mystaria (12/7/2018 1:10:06 PM(UTC) ): I got an extra present for Barry just because.. i spoil my friends and family :) :) :) oxooxoxxo
Mystaria (12/7/2018 10:40:54 AM(UTC) ): maybe thats why it slow lol
Mystaria (12/7/2018 10:40:45 AM(UTC) ): I agree it was a very slow week hc.. last week went by super fast. maybe its cos my daughters in disneyworld. and enjoying her time this week.
HippieChick (12/7/2018 8:47:17 AM(UTC) ): Yay Friday! Took forever to get here Sad
Mystaria (12/7/2018 7:13:53 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone! TGIF! happy friday. hope you all of you will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxo
Mystaria (12/7/2018 7:13:21 AM(UTC) ): Ty Min I will xoxox Hug
admin (12/6/2018 2:10:46 PM(UTC) ): Enjoy Mystaria, it's a good movie Hug I need a drink! I need a drink! I need a drink!
Mystaria (12/6/2018 1:27:38 PM(UTC) ): Thank You Min i look forward to seeing it. maybe ill pop it on this weekend xoxoox
admin (12/6/2018 11:49:50 AM(UTC) ): Confused DWHWGFOF is already on amazon Mystaria?
Mystaria (12/6/2018 10:33:42 AM(UTC) ): which one do you think they will come to min?? xoxoxo
Mystaria (12/6/2018 10:33:32 AM(UTC) ): I just noticed i got tubi too. so im hoping dont worry he wont get far on foot and sisters brothers will either go there or amazon prime
LtColSaucyMinx (12/6/2018 4:17:37 AM(UTC) ): Hopefully Joaquin is eating now lol :) Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Heart
LtColSaucyMinx (12/6/2018 4:12:57 AM(UTC) ): I miss Arthur already!! Been keeping up with the film progress everyday Now its over IM LOST Crying Laugh Cat Balloon Coulrophilia Wub
TTwombly2013 (12/5/2018 3:50:02 PM(UTC) ): I wonder if he'll be visiting here Blink
admin (12/5/2018 2:38:16 PM(UTC) ): If Rooney is at home yep I'd definately stay in bed all day LickLips LickLips LickLips D'oh! Cool RollEyes
Mystaria (12/5/2018 2:16:10 PM(UTC) ): probably doesnt know what to do with himself now that its done filming. maybe stay in bed all day again eh min? eheheh xoxoxo Cheek Kiss
Camille (12/5/2018 10:49:27 AM(UTC) ): haha i feel like he might be relieved that he doesn't have to be in clown costume anymore LOL LOL
Mystaria (12/5/2018 10:41:21 AM(UTC) ): aww hope he isnt min xoxoxo
admin (12/5/2018 9:58:00 AM(UTC) ): Anybody else think that Joaquin might be sat at home right now dressed as a clown still BigGrin Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Mystaria (12/5/2018 9:07:02 AM(UTC) ): to me he looked his best in ladder49 xoxoxo
HippieChick (12/4/2018 5:11:57 PM(UTC) ): Shhhreservation road, yes, but more so in a Inherent Vice. Drool Broken Heart LickLips
TTwombly2013 (12/4/2018 3:12:47 PM(UTC) ): He looks the best in Her Lonely Cool
Camille (12/4/2018 3:03:44 PM(UTC) ): ngl i think he is also looking good in the joker movie from what we have seen, especially in the suit
Camille (12/4/2018 3:02:37 PM(UTC) ): haha yes he looked good there too but he had a beard LOL
admin (12/4/2018 2:35:47 PM(UTC) ): Joaquin was his most handsome in Reservation Road... am I right ladies? Cool
Mystaria (12/4/2018 1:12:53 PM(UTC) ): ps ill take him anyway i can get him :) :) :)
Mystaria (12/4/2018 1:12:31 PM(UTC) ): He did look really good in Walk The Line. but he was physically at his best in ladder49 (My favorite joaq movie) Everyone else says wtl lol oxoxo
Mystaria (12/4/2018 1:12:07 PM(UTC) ): rocker girl.
Mystaria (12/4/2018 1:12:03 PM(UTC) ): Oh I think quite the opposite Camille. love him with a beard. i love men with long hair too dont ask me why maybe cos i was always a bit of a
Camille (12/4/2018 12:52:09 PM(UTC) ): i think he looked his best in walk the line Love and also in the master Love i like him when he's clean shaven and has short hair
Camille (12/4/2018 12:51:04 PM(UTC) ): i dont like him with beard mystaria Unsure Laugh i dont generally dont like men with beard lol
admin (12/4/2018 11:04:22 AM(UTC) ): Hard work Leoness Confused BigGrin Hug Yeah, you're right, being a fan of a moody, publicity shy actor is hard work actually Thumbs Up
Mystaria (12/4/2018 10:33:18 AM(UTC) ): I hope this means hell grow his beard back and gain a bit of weight. i like him with weight.. xoxoxoox
Mystaria (12/4/2018 9:25:14 AM(UTC) ): i believe he was with Joaquin in russkies when he was little xoxoxo
Mystaria (12/4/2018 9:24:59 AM(UTC) ): just wanted to share this;
TTwombly2013 (12/4/2018 7:38:25 AM(UTC) ): Not yet
Camille (12/4/2018 5:07:29 AM(UTC) ): has he signed another movie? Think
TTwombly2013 (12/4/2018 3:21:21 AM(UTC) ): So how long until Joaq starts working on another movie?
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:47:28 PM(UTC) ): here's to Minion Happy Admin for all of his hard work...!!!!
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:47:02 PM(UTC) ): SO I just put them all down as favorites. Here's to many more. Beer Worship Groovy! Lonely Gone Loco! I'm mad as Freddie Quell! I am not Merciful! Bring the hammer! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I need a drink! and
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:45:33 PM(UTC) ): Now, it's getting hard to choose favorites because he is in too many movies that I like a lot. LOL BIG HUG
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:44:57 PM(UTC) ): I have seen his movies too many times to count. I agree I never get tired of watching his movies. He has a couple on Tubi right now! My favorites!
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:44:18 PM(UTC) ): I think this is going to be a good one to see in the theater. I have only seen one of his in the theater believe it or not.
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:43:37 PM(UTC) ): I am so glad he had this opportunity!!!! He definitely deserves it! Can't wait for the movie. Maybe we'll go to the movies for this one.
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:42:40 PM(UTC) ): Okay, well that was quick. LOL I'm sure JP is happy to get the heck out of the cold weather.
Leoness7777 (12/3/2018 6:40:26 PM(UTC) ): Wow wonder where those stairs are...that's an awesome it!
Mystaria (12/3/2018 5:17:09 PM(UTC) ): it would be nice to see if they are still together.
admin (12/3/2018 3:13:18 PM(UTC) ): Will we see Joaquin and Rooney out and about again soon now he's jobless? Think Cool
admin (12/3/2018 3:12:43 PM(UTC) ): Joker officially in post-production Cool
Mystaria (12/3/2018 2:47:58 PM(UTC) ): Thanks Min i will. i hope the joker comes close to me as the others have. hugs Hug xoxoxoo
admin (12/3/2018 2:14:11 PM(UTC) ): Keep strong Mystaria. You'll go to the theater to see Joker i'm sure Cool Hug
Mystaria (12/3/2018 1:59:23 PM(UTC) ): and last month were just bad for me xoxoxxo
Mystaria (12/3/2018 1:59:16 PM(UTC) ): Thats not true Minion. ive been going ever since he came back to make movies.. i agree hes getting better movies tho.. xoxoxo this month
admin (12/3/2018 1:26:50 PM(UTC) ): The Joaq man is making better movies than ever... Cool It's just that no one wants to go to the theater to see them Sad RollEyes
Mystaria (12/3/2018 11:01:10 AM(UTC) ): his movies many many times never get tired of watching them. hugs xoxoxo Hug
Mystaria (12/3/2018 11:00:57 AM(UTC) ): Leo i watch his films whenever they are on fios.. and i have his movies too so sometimes i will pop one in if i feel like watching it.. ive seen
Mystaria (12/3/2018 11:00:29 AM(UTC) ): She used to watch all of River Joaquins and Keanus movies with me when she was younger.. her favorite of Joaqs is signs and brother bear.
Mystaria (12/3/2018 11:00:01 AM(UTC) ): then she tells the teacher thats my moms favorite actor, and the teacher asked who she said river phoenix lol. i taught my kid well :) :) :)
Mystaria (12/3/2018 10:59:36 AM(UTC) ): She said "really, i already saw these at home!" LOLOLOL (Probably the only kid that did too..
Mystaria (12/3/2018 10:59:17 AM(UTC) ): Her history teacher had her watch Stand BY Me, Hotel Rwanda and Gladiator in school. and she said to him I kid you not
Mystaria (12/3/2018 10:58:51 AM(UTC) ): I have a cute and funny story to tell you all about Marisa when she was in her senior year of highschool 4 years ago.
Mystaria (12/3/2018 10:03:20 AM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxoxo
Mystaria (12/3/2018 10:03:00 AM(UTC) ): The joker filming wrapped up yesterday on the 2nd. they are looking for extras now to film on the 7th
Mystaria (12/3/2018 10:02:42 AM(UTC) ): Thank You min xoxoxox love ya Heart Love Love Wub Kiss Cheek Kiss Hug Hug Hug
admin (12/3/2018 9:59:21 AM(UTC) ): I don't think the powers that be will mind all this leaked footage though... it costs nothing and promotes the movie, gets fans hyped Cool
admin (12/3/2018 9:52:24 AM(UTC) ): Leaked Camille? It's filmed in public where real people live... who have phones with cameras? Confused BigGrin Hug
Camille (12/3/2018 1:15:43 AM(UTC) ): also how is all this footage being leaked? Is it for publicity ..? i doubt they are unable to control the papz Think
Camille (12/3/2018 1:13:57 AM(UTC) ): they finished already? that was a fast shoot, normally these movies take longer
admin (12/2/2018 5:55:11 PM(UTC) ): You were here in spirit Mystaria BigGrin You're always here, you're part of the Hug You are all loyal Joaq man fans Thumbs Up

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