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HippieChick (Today at 9:17:32 AM(UTC) ): ya I hope she had a great day. i wonder what she and Joaq did? Probably lots of Netflix and Chill. Gift Cake
admin (Yesterday at 1:35:59 PM(UTC) ): Balloon Balloon Balloon Cake Dancing Dancing Dancing Heart Heart Heart
Mystaria (Yesterday at 1:26:16 PM(UTC) ): Happy Birthday to Rooney Mara xoxoxo Balloon Balloon Balloon Gift Gift Gift Gift Flower Flower Flower Flower Party Party Party Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers Cake Cake Cake Cake
Mystaria (Yesterday at 1:25:49 PM(UTC) ): Found out its rooneys birthday.
Mystaria (Yesterday at 7:55:43 AM(UTC) ): sequels etc.
Mystaria (Yesterday at 7:55:40 AM(UTC) ): i know right HC? i hope that it is the case tho. that we see how batman came about in this standalone movie.. and we know hes not making anymore
HippieChick (Yesterday at 5:12:02 AM(UTC) ): yeah, I've been hearing so many theories since filming started it is making my head spin, LOL
Mystaria (Yesterday at 2:26:07 AM(UTC) ): theory too
Mystaria (Yesterday at 2:12:54 AM(UTC) ): i love this edit just had to share it.. i miss heath :( :( :(
Mystaria (Yesterday at 1:29:33 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone. Happy Wednesday! hope you all will have a beautiful day. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxo
Mystaria (Yesterday at 1:28:58 AM(UTC) ): I agree HC.. i also heard a theroy that this joker movie is how batman was created.. i wonder if thats true it seems to be.. xoxoxo
HippieChick (4/16/2019 3:44:10 PM(UTC) ): I think that the person who made the video is putting way too much thought into scenarios, but it is interesting to see what peoplee are coming up wit
Mystaria (4/16/2019 11:22:18 AM(UTC) ):
admin (4/15/2019 2:16:44 PM(UTC) ): BigGrin Thumbs Up Hug
HippieChick (4/15/2019 2:09:44 PM(UTC) ): eh, I was actually referring to contractual obligations with Warner Bros regarding promoting Joker. :)
Mystaria (4/15/2019 8:40:58 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone Happy Monday! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart u all oxooo
admin (4/15/2019 5:22:21 AM(UTC) ): ... that's why it's first class Thumbs Up Cool Trophy
admin (4/15/2019 5:22:07 AM(UTC) ): I don't think the Joaq man cares what expections others have of him BigGrin As long as he's happy with the work he does...
HippieChick (4/14/2019 5:11:02 PM(UTC) ): I'm sure Warner Bros has high expectations of him
HippieChick (4/14/2019 5:10:54 PM(UTC) ): ooh I dont know. I thought he would be so busy having to promote the Joker that he wouldn't even try to do a film this year.
admin (4/14/2019 3:07:41 PM(UTC) ): Will Joaquin do another movie this year? Think Did Christopher Nolan Phone?
Mystaria (4/13/2019 4:35:39 PM(UTC) ): i meant refreshing to see and good to know doh
Mystaria (4/13/2019 12:15:59 PM(UTC) ): But its good to know and refreshing to know that rooneys not after him for money or fame. as a couple of exes were. xoxoox
Mystaria (4/13/2019 9:59:58 AM(UTC) ): boggling too. it still boggles my mind as to why joaquin would wanna be with her after that.
Mystaria (4/13/2019 9:59:36 AM(UTC) ): I Think Joaq and Casey need their eyesights checked. Cos For Casey to wanna leave summer for rooney is mind bogglign cos summers sooo beautiful.
Mystaria (4/13/2019 9:59:08 AM(UTC) ): i agree HC..
HippieChick (4/13/2019 9:04:19 AM(UTC) ): I'm sure he has a lot more interesting things to say than he wants us to know, admin. ;)
admin (4/13/2019 5:40:03 AM(UTC) ): He just has nothing interesting to say I guess Think Good that he speaks out about animal welfare though Thumbs Up Dog
HippieChick (4/12/2019 12:49:05 PM(UTC) ): Yeah and we pretty much know what to expect when he does the interviews. A whole lot of the phrase “um I don’t know” and “I don’t really remember”
Mystaria (4/12/2019 10:52:02 AM(UTC) ): hes getting out of the interviews.. i know he hates them. but its great for us cos we get to see them.
Mystaria (4/12/2019 10:51:32 AM(UTC) ): lol @ min. its not that bad is it?
HippieChick (4/12/2019 8:43:56 AM(UTC) ): video interviews because he said he just couldn't do it.
HippieChick (4/12/2019 8:43:47 AM(UTC) ): I read an article on Newsweek yesterday with him talking about Mary Magdalene and the interviewer had said that he had already canceled several other
HippieChick (4/12/2019 8:43:17 AM(UTC) ): Walk the Line and Inherent Vice? Those ain't nothin compared to what he is going to have to do to promote Joker I'm sure!
HippieChick (4/12/2019 8:42:54 AM(UTC) ): I'm sure Joaquin would be freaking out and having anxiety attacks over all the attention he is getting. He thought he had to do a lot for Gladiator,
HippieChick (4/12/2019 8:42:27 AM(UTC) ): ya, I think I'm done talking about personal stuff. Man, that joker trailer, it really is something, huh? I can't wait to see more!
HippieChick (4/12/2019 8:41:42 AM(UTC) ): digital streaming next Friday!
HippieChick (4/12/2019 8:41:37 AM(UTC) ): well, I guess Mary Magdalene got a limited release in the States? It isn't showing anywhere near me. But I did hear that it is coming out on HD
admin (4/12/2019 8:25:45 AM(UTC) ): What wouldn't I do for Joaquin? Confused Erm, watch Mary Madgalene again Laugh LOL RollEyes I am not Merciful!
admin (4/12/2019 8:23:45 AM(UTC) ): RollEyes You gals Hug
Mystaria (4/12/2019 7:25:41 AM(UTC) ): i still cant believe minion did that to me oxoxoxo lol Crying Crying Crying
Mystaria (4/12/2019 5:49:06 AM(UTC) ): and dont forget hc shes the 4th fan lol xoxoxo
Mystaria (4/12/2019 5:32:39 AM(UTC) ): think he has 3 his mom is his biggest . me next then u lol xoxoxo
Mystaria (4/12/2019 5:32:29 AM(UTC) ): Joaquin bighugs to you back Leo!! Theres nothing i wouldnt do for that man. i think he has more than 2 fans he said last time..
Mystaria (4/12/2019 5:19:41 AM(UTC) ): thank you Leo for that about being #1 fan . i try my best to be. hugs love ya Hug
Mystaria (4/12/2019 5:19:25 AM(UTC) ): No youre right i dont post much personal stuff anymore since that happened.. i just realized that since you brought it to my attention
Mystaria (4/12/2019 5:18:57 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone. TGIF!! Happy Friday! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend hugs Hug Heart love yas xoxoxo
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:18:50 AM(UTC) ): Admin - what wouldn't you do for Joaquin?
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:16:56 AM(UTC) ): LOL Cheek Kiss Love y'all GROUP HUG! Over and out. Be back son! Drool Drool Drool
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:16:26 AM(UTC) ): Mystaria is Joaquin's #1 FAN --- what wouldn't you do for him?
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:16:00 AM(UTC) ): Mystaria -- Just Joaquin BIG HUG!!!
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:13:54 AM(UTC) ): Okay, so back to Joaquin --- OMG Admin he is #1 no matter what - he doesn't need to be on a list, but it definitely helps spread the word!!!!
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:13:12 AM(UTC) ): Hello Mystaria BIG hug - don't see you talking much about personal stuff here anymore that one year suspension (remember that) had an impact right?
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:12:12 AM(UTC) ): but she gets more by forgiving not forgetting...HC don't lose anymore sleep over your bro - honestly, just brush it off. Shake it Off
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:11:30 AM(UTC) ): This lady was leaving all these calls on the wedding photographer's phone posting complaints etc. She truly gets nothing from doing that
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:10:32 AM(UTC) ): to show our anger, but what I take away from it is that you don't have to accept such behavior but you can be forgiving at the same time.
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:09:44 AM(UTC) ): like herself because of it. Imagine that? We all have to be prepared for those who are looking to do harm, steal or worse...we are justified
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:09:00 AM(UTC) ): Found a story about a woman who did not receive her wedding photos as promised - of course she is pissed and she finds herself acting not
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:08:28 AM(UTC) ): one of the most important prayers I believe --> https://www.thedivinemer...trespass-against-us-2928
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:04:43 AM(UTC) ): You can only control are supposed ask forgiveness "to forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us:
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:02:42 AM(UTC) ): HC sorry for brining it up -- just curious -- I always say you get more with honey -- You can't control the actions of others unfortunately
Leoness7777 (4/12/2019 3:01:44 AM(UTC) ): Hello everyone! Yep, news is spreadin fast about The Joker -- WOW -- looks GOOD!
Mystaria (4/11/2019 11:43:45 AM(UTC) ): very kewl min..
Mystaria (4/11/2019 11:43:39 AM(UTC) ): Sorry HC. calm down my friend. dont worry about so much what other people think. take care of u. hugs Hug Heart love ya xoxoo
admin (4/11/2019 9:42:01 AM(UTC) ): Joaquin will be very happy with all the attention BigGrin RollEyes
admin (4/11/2019 9:41:28 AM(UTC) ): and the Joaq man is No.3 on the imdb STARmeter Cool
admin (4/11/2019 9:40:39 AM(UTC) ): Joker No.1 popular movie at the moment Thumbs Up
admin (4/11/2019 9:39:55 AM(UTC) ): Sad Hug Smoking
HippieChick (4/10/2019 3:40:14 AM(UTC) ): Groovy!
HippieChick (4/9/2019 1:38:51 PM(UTC) ): I need to go blaze a j.
HippieChick (4/9/2019 1:38:39 PM(UTC) ): They will probably talk shit and ask WTF is wrong with me, but they won't see that their actions are what drove me to it.
HippieChick (4/9/2019 1:38:18 PM(UTC) ): to be nice about it. Local peeps are about to see how much of a major bitch I can be and I'm just not gonna care anymore.
HippieChick (4/9/2019 1:37:58 PM(UTC) ): I need life to stop taking a major dump on me. I've pretty much gotten to the point where I am sick and tired of being used and abused and having
admin (4/9/2019 12:53:02 PM(UTC) ): You ladies and TT stay strong Boxing Boxing Boxing
Mystaria (4/9/2019 12:11:07 PM(UTC) ): if you need anything hc let me know. hugs Hug and dont know min oxoxo
HippieChick (4/9/2019 11:58:26 AM(UTC) ): well, I for one, am close to going off the deep end.
admin (4/9/2019 9:27:24 AM(UTC) ): Has all the Joker teaser trailer excitement died down yet? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! or is it getting crazier out there Laugh Cool Thumbs Up Wink RollEyes
Mystaria (4/8/2019 10:43:02 AM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone. hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Heart u all Hug
HippieChick (4/8/2019 5:18:55 AM(UTC) ): I have no idea, I haven't spoken with him.
Leoness7777 (4/8/2019 3:56:17 AM(UTC) ): Hope all is well Admin Mystaria, HC, TT -->HC whatever happened with your bro?
Leoness7777 (4/8/2019 3:55:14 AM(UTC) ): Has anyone see any photo ops of Joaquin recently? He must have gained the weight back by now. LOL Cheek Kiss
Leoness7777 (4/8/2019 3:54:37 AM(UTC) ): If he really did lose all that weight he must ahe been really freezing when he filmed this -- it was the dead of winter. OMG
Leoness7777 (4/8/2019 3:53:53 AM(UTC) ): Well I guess there is an explanation for the skin an dbones we'll find out soon eough.
Leoness7777 (4/8/2019 3:53:16 AM(UTC) ): This is really amazing for Joaquin...he really had to starve himself to get that skinny or is that a body double...OMG
Leoness7777 (4/8/2019 3:44:20 AM(UTC) ): This is going to be great for sure!!!! So I have to read all the posts...will do right now.
Leoness7777 (4/8/2019 3:43:50 AM(UTC) ): Hello everyone! I'm BAAAACK! Hope you are all doing well! I just watched the trailer --- wow - love the choice of music "Smile" Charlie Chaplin....
admin (4/7/2019 2:34:07 PM(UTC) ): Wonder if Joaquin is watching the Joker teaser trailer reactions on YouTube too? Laugh LOL Don't think he knows how to use the internet RollEyes
Mystaria (4/6/2019 2:59:25 PM(UTC) ): i agree with them if anyone can go as deep as heath it is joaquin.. xoxoxo :) :) :)
Mystaria (4/6/2019 2:59:24 PM(UTC) ): i agree with them if anyone can go as deep as heath it is joaquin.. xoxoxo :) :) :)
admin (4/6/2019 2:48:07 PM(UTC) ): Thumbs Up Clown
Mystaria (4/6/2019 2:28:30 PM(UTC) ): heres my new river vid too if you wanna see
Mystaria (4/6/2019 1:49:48 PM(UTC) ): hahahah hell have to do alot of promoting i guess
Mystaria (4/6/2019 1:49:39 PM(UTC) ): ty min i tried xoxoxo
admin (4/6/2019 1:36:02 PM(UTC) ): Official teaser trailer video now has over 28M views Scared Joaquin must be petrified of all the upcoming promo work he will be doing BigGrin RollEyes
admin (4/6/2019 1:34:41 PM(UTC) ): You've changed the dark mood of the movie Mystaria BigGrin
Mystaria (4/6/2019 9:10:35 AM(UTC) ): made a joker fan video with a few clips that were put out.. hope you all like xxoxo
Mystaria (4/6/2019 9:10:17 AM(UTC) ): I Hear ya HC i love the weekend. esp fridays.
Mystaria (4/6/2019 9:10:01 AM(UTC) ): The reactions are priceless Min
HippieChick (4/5/2019 7:52:28 PM(UTC) ): Thank freakin for-real it's the weekend!
admin (4/5/2019 4:11:35 PM(UTC) ): Thumbs Up
Mystaria (4/5/2019 12:30:19 PM(UTC) ): Hug Cheek Kiss Kiss for u min xoxoxo
admin (4/5/2019 12:27:58 PM(UTC) ): Hug
Mystaria (4/5/2019 3:54:07 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone! TGIF! Happy Friday. hope you all will have a beautiful and blessed day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxo
admin (4/4/2019 3:00:29 PM(UTC) ): ... I think this is one Joaquin movie that people may actually go and see BigGrin Even his fans might go and see this one Laugh LOL RollEyes Hug ThumpUp
admin (4/4/2019 2:59:42 PM(UTC) ): The Official Joker Teaser trailer has had over 16M views in over a day... Blink
admin (4/4/2019 2:22:24 PM(UTC) ): I've only heard positive reactions HippieChick Think
HippieChick (4/4/2019 2:10:13 PM(UTC) ): I guess because I appreciate Joaquin's work, it tends to bother me more when people just automatically start talking shit about him.
HippieChick (4/4/2019 2:08:45 PM(UTC) ): gonna hate, but lovers gonna appreciate!
HippieChick (4/4/2019 2:08:34 PM(UTC) ): I watched the video in the link you provided. Pretty cool! Man, all over twitter there are people either raving about it or talking shit. Haters
admin (4/4/2019 10:21:31 AM(UTC) ): I like watching the reactions to watching the JOKER trailer HippieChick BigGrin
Mystaria (4/4/2019 4:33:13 AM(UTC) ): Happy he wasnt mumbling for this role.. maybe hes starting to come out of that.
Mystaria (4/4/2019 4:32:49 AM(UTC) ): i lost track of how many times ive seen it HC...
Mystaria (4/4/2019 4:32:36 AM(UTC) ): oh that was me as guest sorry about that.
Guest (4/4/2019 4:32:21 AM(UTC) ): i know he is soo skinny you can see his spine. not very attractive i might add.. hope he gains his weight back. love him with his tummy.
HippieChick (4/4/2019 2:55:47 AM(UTC) ): of yesterday!
HippieChick (4/4/2019 2:55:44 AM(UTC) ): So, how many times have y'all watched the trailer? I can't even count how many times I have as I am guilty of putting it on repeat several times as
HippieChick (4/3/2019 2:25:01 PM(UTC) ): I know...he wasn't mumbling at all!
admin (4/3/2019 2:13:37 PM(UTC) ): Has Joaquin been having elocution lesson for Joker? I can understand everything he said in the trailer! Scared Laugh RollEyes
HippieChick (4/3/2019 2:13:32 PM(UTC) ): But I'd still do him! Drool Laugh
HippieChick (4/3/2019 2:13:17 PM(UTC) ): yeah he is. He looks very sickly!
admin (4/3/2019 2:12:50 PM(UTC) ): BigGrin Yeah, the Joaq man is all bones for Joker.
HippieChick (4/3/2019 1:21:09 PM(UTC) ): Machinist?
HippieChick (4/3/2019 1:21:06 PM(UTC) ): I prefer him in boxers, not briefs, LOL. And those undies seemed to be just hanging off of him. Anyone see a resemblance to Christian Bale in The
admin (4/3/2019 9:24:19 AM(UTC) ): Joaquin dancing in his underwear BigGrin Wink Applause
admin (4/3/2019 8:37:01 AM(UTC) ): It's a good trailer Thumbs Up Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Clown Clown Clown
HippieChick (4/3/2019 6:42:59 AM(UTC) ): Let the descent into madness begin!
Mystaria (4/3/2019 6:42:42 AM(UTC) ): Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Mystaria (4/3/2019 6:42:37 AM(UTC) ): and we get to see him in his underwear. woohoooooooooooooooo!!! thatll be the highlight of the movie for me lolol
Mystaria (4/3/2019 5:56:30 AM(UTC) ): thanks hc i saw it. i cant freakin wait til oct
Mystaria (4/3/2019 5:56:08 AM(UTC) ):
HippieChick (4/3/2019 5:30:43 AM(UTC) ): FUCK YES!
Mystaria (4/3/2019 4:01:22 AM(UTC) ): yayyayya
HippieChick (4/2/2019 2:08:32 PM(UTC) ): oh yussssss!
admin (4/2/2019 12:15:20 PM(UTC) ): Official twitter for The Joker movie has been setup Thumbs Up Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Clown
Mystaria (4/2/2019 12:10:59 PM(UTC) ): joker happy dance for tomorrow;) :) :) xoxoxo Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Mystaria (4/2/2019 12:10:37 PM(UTC) ): Very kewl HC I remember seeing it too. but its always nice to see it again xoxoox
Mystaria (4/2/2019 12:10:25 PM(UTC) ): yaayay cant wait. thanks for the news min!!!!!!
TTwombly2013 (4/2/2019 11:26:29 AM(UTC) ): the hype is real
HippieChick (4/2/2019 10:44:38 AM(UTC) ): Well its about fuckin time! Drool Woot Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
admin (4/2/2019 8:51:05 AM(UTC) ): Joker teaser trailer tomomorrow Cool
admin (4/2/2019 8:47:26 AM(UTC) ): Who excited Thumbs Up Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
HippieChick (4/1/2019 7:19:04 PM(UTC) ): Ih yeah I remember seeing that one.
Mystaria (4/1/2019 5:40:44 PM(UTC) ): let me know what ya think hugs love yas xoxoox Hug Hug Hug Heart Kiss Cheek Kiss kisses for you min xoxo
Mystaria (4/1/2019 5:40:28 PM(UTC) ): heres the clip
Mystaria (4/1/2019 5:40:10 PM(UTC) ): Min and HC i have something for you superanturals ending their show next year but in the previous seasons they did a river and joaquin shoutout
Mystaria (4/1/2019 1:53:17 PM(UTC) ): it would be nice to know if it was written about beforehand hc or if it was just added as an adlib in the film xoxoxo

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