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HippieChick (Yesterday at 10:29:01 AM(UTC) ): That came from a very old interview. And yeah I remember the scene from "Her" as well.
admin (Yesterday at 8:42:27 AM(UTC) ): Confused Confused Confused Think
HippieChick (9/16/2019 5:35:32 PM(UTC) ): Never forget that one!
HippieChick (9/16/2019 5:35:20 PM(UTC) ): You mean where he talked a out trying to do a scene via green screen and imagine he is getting swallowed by a giant dragon’s penis? Yeah Ill
admin (9/16/2019 4:00:28 PM(UTC) ): Dirty Dragon RollEyes
admin (9/16/2019 4:00:18 PM(UTC) ): Idea Now I remember where Joaquin talked about Dragons before Laugh Cool
HippieChick (9/16/2019 1:41:17 PM(UTC) ): she's got more than 'period' bloat going on there.
Mystaria (9/16/2019 12:35:05 PM(UTC) ): doesnt mean shes pregnant HC. if she is and they got married in venice it would be a shotgun wedding lol
HippieChick (9/16/2019 10:47:47 AM(UTC) ): If I knew how to save a pic from instagram, I would have already forwarded it to ya
HippieChick (9/16/2019 10:47:31 AM(UTC) ): No, admin, no news. But I have noticed in pics where she doesn't think a camera is watching, that she has been putting her hand on her belly a lot...
HippieChick (9/16/2019 10:46:58 AM(UTC) ): Monday, monday!
Mystaria (9/16/2019 9:06:49 AM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxo Sun Sun Sun
Mystaria (9/16/2019 9:06:22 AM(UTC) ): Thats soo sad to hear HC. thanks for the info xoxoxo
HippieChick (9/15/2019 7:11:37 AM(UTC) ): Allie and Alfie broke up in April and she and her daughter moved back to LA, in the Hollywood Hills to he exaxt...
admin (9/15/2019 2:03:23 AM(UTC) ): Any news? Stork carrying baby Think
Mystaria (9/14/2019 3:42:50 PM(UTC) ): and topaz is with her signficant other too
Mystaria (9/14/2019 3:20:41 PM(UTC) ): son etc.. just a few that i know of min xoxox
Mystaria (9/14/2019 3:20:30 PM(UTC) ): most of his exes are with another married or with kids or both.. like aria crescendo married now. allie with alfie allen and has a kid.. topaz has a
Mystaria (9/14/2019 1:46:32 PM(UTC) ): bahahaha at minion xoxo Hug
HippieChick (9/14/2019 1:21:47 PM(UTC) ): You wanting Joaq’s sloppy seconds? Scared Tongue Laugh
admin (9/14/2019 10:59:25 AM(UTC) ): Think Anyone have the Phone of any of these bimbos? LickLips RollEyes Hug
Mystaria (9/14/2019 9:34:45 AM(UTC) ): she has her own money..not alot of joaqs ex bimbos had that.
Mystaria (9/14/2019 9:34:30 AM(UTC) ): one thing i do like about rooney despite how much money her parents have. she does make her own and works for it.. so im impressed that
Mystaria (9/14/2019 9:34:06 AM(UTC) ): sweeet HC. all we can do is try. i love the weekends esp fridays. xoxoxo
HippieChick (9/13/2019 11:12:12 AM(UTC) ): ooh I'm sure gonna try. I very much look forward to the weekends now.
Mystaria (9/13/2019 6:41:09 AM(UTC) ): Enjoy the weekend HC Hug
Mystaria (9/13/2019 6:40:58 AM(UTC) ): i dont think shes that deserving.. but am happy for him. i guess if he can forgive i can too. i did like her at one time so.. if you recall.
HippieChick (9/13/2019 3:07:40 AM(UTC) ): Thank God it is Friday! Time to let the creativity flow.
HippieChick (9/13/2019 3:06:41 AM(UTC) ): I wouldnt call it luck. That makes it sound like she is undeserving. He found the one. She found the one. They found the love they were looking for.
Mystaria (9/13/2019 12:18:12 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone. Sun TGIF! Happy Friday!! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxo
Mystaria (9/13/2019 12:17:31 AM(UTC) ): ty Min for the video xoxoxo Minion Happy Minion Tongue Minion Wave Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
admin (9/12/2019 4:06:57 PM(UTC) ): Worship
Mystaria (9/12/2019 12:44:39 PM(UTC) ): if you recall he was once in poverty. im sure hes a smart shopper. shes lucky shes got a ring. if you ask me.
HippieChick (9/12/2019 10:07:27 AM(UTC) ): And I know the foo ain't broke. I got diamonds bigger than that rock on her woulda thought he would have invested more in her...
HippieChick (9/12/2019 10:06:29 AM(UTC) ): Nope! I saw it.
Mystaria (9/12/2019 9:46:15 AM(UTC) ): i guess you all mustve missed this us weekly got their engagement announcement... bah humbug and he wonders why he hasnt talked to his sisters
HippieChick (9/12/2019 5:42:32 AM(UTC) ): On to NYFF! Then the LA Premiere perhaps? Then we shall not see our Dragon Master as he shall go back into hibernation with his filthy dragon!
Mystaria (9/11/2019 8:38:41 AM(UTC) ): on the popcorn interview and at the tiff.. so happy for joaq. hugs xoxo Hug Hug Hug Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Minion Happy Minion Tongue Minion Wave
Mystaria (9/11/2019 8:38:15 AM(UTC) ): I am happy to hear he talked about River. thanks for the video min.. i hope hes comfortable enough to share his memories with river as he has
HippieChick (9/10/2019 1:11:20 PM(UTC) ): hehe, yeah I wondered, with him being an animal lover/rights activist, why he would even say something like that, but then again, he's Joaquin.
admin (9/10/2019 11:38:14 AM(UTC) ): Trophy Worship
admin (9/10/2019 10:25:12 AM(UTC) ): So she can't fly away and leave Thumbs Up Hope PeTA doesn't hear about the way Joaquin treats Dragons Laugh Blushing RollEyes Cool
HippieChick (9/10/2019 10:15:18 AM(UTC) ): I love his pet name for her but why on earth would he say he wanted to rip her wings off? Confused Scared
admin (9/10/2019 8:44:25 AM(UTC) ): Wish I had a filthy dragon Sad
HippieChick (9/10/2019 5:07:47 AM(UTC) ): Yeah and Doc Sportello is my baby daddy, admin. LOL! Yes I know of one film she signed on to do. And I HIGHLY doubt Joaq even knows about us
admin (9/10/2019 3:54:27 AM(UTC) ): Hasn't Rooney just signed to do some new movies though HippieChick Confused Think
admin (9/10/2019 3:53:16 AM(UTC) ): Lol. Joaquin said he might pop into the chat BigGrin RollEyes
HippieChick (9/10/2019 1:54:02 AM(UTC) ): Ooh thank you, guest. I wear that title as a badge of honor. :)
Guest (9/9/2019 9:53:56 PM(UTC) ): Go to sleep weirdos
HippieChick (9/9/2019 6:48:51 PM(UTC) ): Obviously there’s no hiding it now: Rooney is definitely expecting. My guess is she is between four to five months.
HippieChick (9/9/2019 12:27:00 PM(UTC) ): Thank you, babe. I just read the article.
HippieChick (9/9/2019 12:26:08 PM(UTC) ): He is scheduled to make an appearance between 3 and 5pm today in support of the BeFairBeVegan campaign.
Mystaria (9/9/2019 10:39:06 AM(UTC) ): dont know min. wish i knew xoxoxo
admin (9/9/2019 9:49:53 AM(UTC) ): Is the Joaq man scheduled or any chat shows Mystaria? Think
admin (9/9/2019 9:38:45 AM(UTC) ): HippieChick Cool https://toronto.ctvnews....f-tribute-gala-1.4584338
Mystaria (9/9/2019 7:54:48 AM(UTC) ): i believe so HC xoxoxo
HippieChick (9/9/2019 7:41:34 AM(UTC) ): NYFF isn’t until October, is it?
Mystaria (9/9/2019 7:32:02 AM(UTC) ): the tiff started on sept 5th and goes thru the 15th. i hope it is today tho HC xoxoxo
HippieChick (9/9/2019 12:57:42 AM(UTC) ): Today is the day that Joker premieres at Toronto. Is it also tue day of the awards festival?
Mystaria (9/9/2019 12:24:22 AM(UTC) ): Morning everyone! Happy Monday. hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. Sun Sun Sun hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxo
Mystaria (9/9/2019 12:23:49 AM(UTC) ): Ure welcome. thats what friends are for. hugs xoxoxo Hug
HippieChick (9/8/2019 5:12:20 PM(UTC) ): thank you
Mystaria (9/7/2019 12:14:23 PM(UTC) ): im here if you need to talk hc. just message me on here. xoxoxo
Mystaria (9/7/2019 11:39:04 AM(UTC) ): Hug Hug Hug Minion Happy Minion Tongue Minion Wave Cheek Kiss Kiss Wub
Mystaria (9/7/2019 11:38:43 AM(UTC) ): sorry min i try tho.. hugs xoxo
Mystaria (9/7/2019 11:38:36 AM(UTC) ): yayaya minion so happy it won.
admin (9/7/2019 10:37:14 AM(UTC) ): Joker has won best film at Venice Film Festival! Trophy Dancing Cool
HippieChick (9/7/2019 9:50:07 AM(UTC) ): Joaquin is still in Venice to receive an award today.
HippieChick (9/6/2019 2:51:16 PM(UTC) ): thank you, admin.
HippieChick (9/6/2019 2:51:13 PM(UTC) ): this new life is taking some adjustment and this week was just more difficult than others.
admin (9/6/2019 1:56:19 PM(UTC) ): Joker is showing at TIFF on Monday 9pm local time Thumbs Up Cool
admin (9/6/2019 1:38:22 PM(UTC) ): No Mystaria, not a sausage Sad Thanks for trying though Thumbs Up Hug
admin (9/6/2019 1:37:57 PM(UTC) ): Hope things aren't too bad HippieChick Boxing Boxing Boxing Hug
Mystaria (9/6/2019 1:19:33 PM(UTC) ): What happened HC? Sorry to hear. (((((HUGS)))) Hug Hug Hug
HippieChick (9/6/2019 1:02:04 PM(UTC) ): thank GOD it is finally Friday! This has been the week from HELL!
Mystaria (9/6/2019 12:38:53 PM(UTC) ): Hey Min Minion Wave Minion Happy Minion Tongue i advertise on facebook. have you gotten more fans to sign up yet?
Mystaria (9/6/2019 9:36:27 AM(UTC) ): afternoon everyone. TGIF! Happy Friday!! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxo
Mystaria (9/6/2019 9:36:26 AM(UTC) ): afternoon everyone. TGIF! Happy Friday!! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxo
admin (9/5/2019 8:50:11 AM(UTC) ): Thumbs Up
TTwombly2013 (9/5/2019 8:25:14 AM(UTC) ): Hopefully gonna try and get to.this one while its still in theatres
Mystaria (9/4/2019 2:43:03 PM(UTC) ): yayay cant wait min.. just 2 days after Marisas 24th birthday too! BigGrin BigGrin BigGrin
admin (9/4/2019 1:52:49 PM(UTC) ): 1 month to go ladies and gentlemen Cool Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Mystaria (9/4/2019 11:43:54 AM(UTC) ): she took quite a bit of time off.
Mystaria (9/4/2019 11:43:41 AM(UTC) ): it must be nice to have that much money and be able to work whenever you damn well please.
HippieChick (9/4/2019 10:09:26 AM(UTC) ): Yeah I heard she accepted a new role. You know now that i think about it, what if they had a secret wedding while in Venice?
admin (9/4/2019 8:42:21 AM(UTC) ): Rooney's got a job Thumbs Up
Mystaria (9/4/2019 5:30:30 AM(UTC) ): wow he got a 8 minute standing ovation in venice at the showing of the joker. so happy for him. xoxoox
HippieChick (9/4/2019 4:10:12 AM(UTC) ): Next appearance: September 9 at TIFF!
Mystaria (9/3/2019 7:36:30 AM(UTC) ): oh my heart!!!!!!! Heart Heart Heart you trying to kill me min???
admin (9/2/2019 4:31:58 PM(UTC) ): Cool Thumbs Up
HippieChick (9/2/2019 2:46:46 PM(UTC) ): Yup, Imna go see it!
Mystaria (9/2/2019 10:02:18 AM(UTC) ): Happy 55th Birthday to my other boyfriend Keanu Reeves hope he has a great day. xoxoxo Cake Cake Cake Balloon Balloon Balloon Party Party Party Gift Gift Gift Beer Beer Beer Flower Flower Flower
Mystaria (9/2/2019 10:01:39 AM(UTC) ): summer.
Mystaria (9/2/2019 10:01:36 AM(UTC) ): Afternoon everyone. Happy Monday! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart u all & Happy Labor Day too last day of
Mystaria (9/2/2019 10:01:10 AM(UTC) ): hey leo nice to see you missed ya.
Mystaria (9/2/2019 10:01:03 AM(UTC) ): yes. im already to see it when it comes out on the 4th min.
TTwombly2013 (9/2/2019 9:52:12 AM(UTC) ): maybe
admin (9/2/2019 9:47:31 AM(UTC) ): But will you guy and gals actually go and see the movie???? Think Think Think RollEyes
admin (9/2/2019 9:46:58 AM(UTC) ): Cool
TTwombly2013 (9/2/2019 1:32:04 AM(UTC) ): looks like the joker movie is a hit ThumpUp
HippieChick (9/1/2019 9:10:31 AM(UTC) ): The official trailer was not as exciting to me. It seemed a bit off, but I can’t pinpoint exactly.
admin (9/1/2019 3:07:30 AM(UTC) ): Yeah, I liked the Teaser better too HippieChick, the final trailer gave away too many clues as to what the story was about ThumbDown RollEyes
admin (9/1/2019 3:06:45 AM(UTC) ): Hi ladies Hug
HippieChick (8/31/2019 5:53:48 PM(UTC) ): Personally I think the teaser trailer was better than the actual trailer and yes, Italy is pretty romantic, period.
HippieChick (8/31/2019 5:53:07 PM(UTC) ): Hey Leoness! Im good. Its good to hear from you again. I had been thinking about you earlier.
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:46:26 PM(UTC) ): Thought I would just bring up an off topic.
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:46:12 PM(UTC) ): They really have a terrific team of people taking care of the animals there, but I was amazed by how small the cage is for these pandas going to China
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:45:31 PM(UTC) ): BTW I happen to be watching Animal Planet and was really amazed by the cages they send the Pandas back into China from the San Diego zoo.
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:45:30 PM(UTC) ): BTW I happen to be watching Animal Planet and was really amazed by the cages they send the Pandas back into China from the San Diego zoo.
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:25:13 PM(UTC) ): Hey Mystaria HC Admin and everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying yourself
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:24:50 PM(UTC) ): time Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world. Never been, but I've been to Italy
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:24:31 PM(UTC) ): Beautiful pic of J & R love it!!! Watched the YouTube interview of him I'll watch it again much later. I'm sure they are going to have a great tim
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:10:55 PM(UTC) ): Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and say hi! Lots of things going on! The Venicel Film Festival and the trailer Has it been released
Leoness7777 (8/31/2019 5:10:53 PM(UTC) ): Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and say hi! Lots of things going on! The Venicel Film Festival and the trailer Has it been released
HippieChick (8/31/2019 4:20:04 PM(UTC) ): Yep! I saw them and they are great!
Mystaria (8/31/2019 3:53:30 PM(UTC) ): err greg williams photography
Mystaria (8/31/2019 3:53:01 PM(UTC) ): in venice
Mystaria (8/31/2019 3:52:55 PM(UTC) ): there are some pics of joaq and rooney together by greggwilliamsphotography oxoxo
Mystaria (8/31/2019 3:05:54 PM(UTC) ): RollEyes RollEyes RollEyes
Mystaria (8/31/2019 3:05:51 PM(UTC) ): (((((((ROLLS EYES)))))))))) Yawn Bored Confused ThumbDown
HippieChick (8/31/2019 2:43:17 PM(UTC) ): I love it! I’ve seen the pics of them today and you can tell there is a real, deep and true love bond between them. Thank you babe!
Mystaria (8/31/2019 2:11:06 PM(UTC) ): oh dear lord. gag Bored Yawn ThumbDown Hug Cheek Kiss Kiss
admin (8/31/2019 1:48:35 PM(UTC) ): For you Mystaria... BigGrin Hug
Mystaria (8/31/2019 1:43:16 PM(UTC) ): ty min xoxo Kiss Cheek Kiss Wub
admin (8/31/2019 1:23:58 PM(UTC) ): BigGrin Thumbs Up Cool
Mystaria (8/31/2019 11:53:07 AM(UTC) ): be still my Heart Heart Heart
admin (8/31/2019 11:43:49 AM(UTC) ): Cool
Mystaria (8/31/2019 11:42:02 AM(UTC) ): ty min tho i never pay attention to the critics i usually go see for myself whether i liked it or not.
Mystaria (8/31/2019 9:33:27 AM(UTC) ): thanks min he looks soo sexy in that pic you posted in the forum. xoxoxo
admin (8/31/2019 9:28:03 AM(UTC) ): The reviews are starting to come in for Joker Thumbs Up
admin (8/31/2019 7:41:53 AM(UTC) ): Joker reviews out later today Thumbs Up Pray Pray Pray Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Mystaria (8/31/2019 7:17:59 AM(UTC) ): i tried to upload joker posters from imgur min. but it wouldnt let me
Mystaria (8/31/2019 7:17:38 AM(UTC) ): ty min he looks soo sexy. and healthy and happy. just love him. his smile makes my Heart happy
admin (8/31/2019 6:16:16 AM(UTC) ): Clips from Joker press conference at Venice on the forum Cool Joaquin seems keen to talk! Scared Think Confused
admin (8/31/2019 1:47:34 AM(UTC) ): Looking good Cool Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
admin (8/31/2019 12:03:28 AM(UTC) ): Today is the day! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Patrick Love Dancing
admin (8/30/2019 4:56:17 PM(UTC) ): Looking happy and healthy Thumbs Up
admin (8/30/2019 4:25:48 PM(UTC) ): Can you try your upload again Mystaria... see if it works now? Confused
HippieChick (8/30/2019 3:30:51 PM(UTC) ): I'll find it
Mystaria (8/30/2019 10:33:01 AM(UTC) ): care to share the video here hc? xoxox
HippieChick (8/30/2019 10:28:01 AM(UTC) ): Yay! I saw the video with them along with Todd Phillips and Zazie Beets at a party last night. Looks like homeboy cut his hair again
Mystaria (8/30/2019 7:17:23 AM(UTC) ): yayay cant wait to see pics. thanks for the info min
admin (8/30/2019 7:08:21 AM(UTC) ): Joaquin is in Venice with Rooney! Heart Cool
Mystaria (8/30/2019 5:11:35 AM(UTC) ): morning everyone. TGIF! Happy Friday! hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart love u all xoxoxo
Mystaria (8/29/2019 12:50:58 PM(UTC) ): WOW! Joaq lost 52 lbs for the joker. i love him with weight tho i dont like him so skinny xoxo
Mystaria (8/29/2019 12:50:39 PM(UTC) ): i know right min? OMG!!

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