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Mystaria (Yesterday at 7:01:04 AM(UTC) ): <---will be yoko ono lololol
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:37:53 PM(UTC) ): Well, maybe I want to be lol... Think
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:34:33 PM(UTC) ): I hope they are together forever, I'm no Yoko Ono LOL
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:33:10 PM(UTC) ): her house to break up with gut they are still a couple!!!
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:32:41 PM(UTC) ): HC yeah I liked that scene too and would have liked a front view also lol...a lot can happen in a relationship, but I don't think she gave up
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:29:34 PM(UTC) ): What do you think?
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:28:47 PM(UTC) ): Resting at home while JP brings in the virtual beacon LOL MONEY!!!!
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:28:10 PM(UTC) ): So the new mystery here seems to be where in the world is Rooney? Maybe she's Stork carrying baby you think? It is possible, right?
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:25:59 PM(UTC) ): Yes Admin watched the movie...he's great in all of movies, but I saw a I side of JP that I haven't seen in any of his movies in his DWHWGFAF LOL
Leoness7777 (11/16/2018 9:24:58 PM(UTC) ): HELLO FELLOW JOAQUIN FANS + ONE ADMIN - group hug.
HippieChick (11/16/2018 1:21:19 PM(UTC) ): Yay it’s da weekend and no school next week!
Mystaria (11/16/2018 10:13:51 AM(UTC) ): TGIF everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxoox
HippieChick (11/16/2018 3:04:43 AM(UTC) ): I haven’t heard anything about her lately. It would be a shame if after she sold her house that she and Joaquin were now broken up.
TTwombly2013 (11/15/2018 11:46:56 PM(UTC) ): She doesn't seem to have any upcoming films so she's probably relaxing at home
admin (11/15/2018 5:13:28 PM(UTC) ): Has the lovely Rooney Heart been seen? Think Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
HippieChick (11/15/2018 5:01:06 PM(UTC) ): I know. No new news to report.
admin (11/15/2018 4:25:43 PM(UTC) ): My my, things have gone quiet on the Joaquin front... Ha ha ha ha ha ha! No No No Shhh Bored Yawn Sleep
Mystaria (11/15/2018 11:07:53 AM(UTC) ): lol@ min xxoox
admin (11/14/2018 5:09:24 PM(UTC) ): Scared D'oh!
Mystaria (11/14/2018 1:03:22 PM(UTC) ): and when he came back after Rivers Death.. in to die for he changed his name back to Joaquin. xoxoxo :) :) :)
Mystaria (11/14/2018 1:03:04 PM(UTC) ): did you know he changed his name back to Joaquin from Leaf Cos River urged him to change it back. cos River said joaquin was cooler than Leaf.
Mystaria (11/14/2018 1:02:15 PM(UTC) ): Cool Thumbs Up
Mystaria (11/14/2018 1:02:03 PM(UTC) ): The guest was me sorry about that lol
Guest (11/14/2018 1:01:44 PM(UTC) ): ahh i was told by the nose and their hands :)
HippieChick (11/14/2018 11:13:53 AM(UTC) ): I’d guess, based on the hefty bulge in his jeans that he very well could be 8 inches or more.
HippieChick (11/14/2018 11:13:16 AM(UTC) ): Hehe I know how that works. It also goes by if his ring finger on his right hand is longer than his index, that means he is above average.
Mystaria (11/14/2018 11:10:51 AM(UTC) ): From what i read hc. Joaq is 5'8 and wears a size 11 shoe.. you can try to calculate his full frontal body there lol xoxoxo
admin (11/13/2018 2:49:48 PM(UTC) ): Sick Sick Sick BigGrin RollEyes No No No
HippieChick (11/12/2018 5:40:12 PM(UTC) ): I watched DWHWGFAF last night. I enjoyed nakey Joaquin Buy was hoping for a nice full frontal shot.
Mystaria (11/12/2018 2:19:30 PM(UTC) ): Glad you got to see dont worry he wont get far on foot leo i have yet to see it myself. looking forward to it when it comes out on blu ray.
Mystaria (11/12/2018 2:19:10 PM(UTC) ): Thanksgiving is next week. yayayayya
Mystaria (11/12/2018 2:19:06 PM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful night and week. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxo
Mystaria (11/12/2018 2:18:43 PM(UTC) ): walk the line too min and to die for if you ask me to go along with the rest of the movies you mentioned. xoxoox
HippieChick (11/11/2018 3:42:33 PM(UTC) ): Did Mary Magdalene ever get released on DVD/Blu Ray in the US?
admin (11/11/2018 3:38:50 PM(UTC) ): The Master/Her/Gladiator/Return to Paradise... they are still the Joaq man's best performances in my opinion Cool
admin (11/11/2018 3:38:11 PM(UTC) ): Think I thought it was an average movie, Joaquin's performance was solid as was the rest of the cast though Smile
admin (11/11/2018 3:37:32 PM(UTC) ): Great that you saw DWHWGFOF Leoness, glad you enjoyed it Hug Thumbs Up
Leoness7777 (11/11/2018 3:15:09 PM(UTC) ): anyway, what a great movie...perfect timing if you ask me! Cheek Kiss
Leoness7777 (11/11/2018 3:14:13 PM(UTC) ): I actually closed my eyes when he was seeing ANNU off b/c I thought he was going to have another accident with his
Leoness7777 (11/11/2018 3:11:34 PM(UTC) ): What are you thoughts on Won't Get Far -- I was sitting on the edge of my seat when he was going so fast with his wheelchair...OMG
Leoness7777 (11/11/2018 3:10:41 PM(UTC) ): i cried my eyes out Crying -- really awesome and his other half was REALLY GREAT too...five he's getting better and better
Leoness7777 (11/11/2018 3:09:35 PM(UTC) ): EVER
Leoness7777 (11/11/2018 3:09:33 PM(UTC) ): Okay, so I just finished watching Won't Get Far --- what an incredible performance - okay this is his best performance if you ask me
HippieChick (11/10/2018 6:03:48 PM(UTC) ): Supppppp?
Mystaria (11/10/2018 1:18:50 PM(UTC) ): Whats up tt? Hug Hope you are doing well and are happy! xoxoxoox
Mystaria (11/10/2018 12:07:33 PM(UTC) ): Hi Leo HC and Minion Hug this is for you minion xoxoxo Cheek Kiss Kiss Wub Love Love
admin (11/10/2018 8:05:17 AM(UTC) ): How many more weeks of filming remain? Think Finished before Christmas I would have thought Dancing
admin (11/10/2018 8:04:39 AM(UTC) ): Hi ladies and TT Hug
HippieChick (11/10/2018 3:58:06 AM(UTC) ): Hey Leoness. Just up to the usual. Good to see you when you are here.
Leoness7777 (11/9/2018 9:06:02 PM(UTC) ): Hope The Joker is staying toasty warm as well. Hug
Leoness7777 (11/9/2018 9:04:28 PM(UTC) ): Hwy HC Mystaria admin etc. hope you are all home and toasty warm
HippieChick (11/9/2018 7:00:39 PM(UTC) ): Yeah I hate that he does that.
Mystaria (11/9/2018 3:40:00 PM(UTC) ): he doesnt seem to like doing sequels to me minion. to me thats why he dies in most of his films xoxoxo
HippieChick (11/9/2018 11:31:57 AM(UTC) ): I think the leaks from the Joker set have officially stopped.
Mystaria (11/9/2018 6:28:29 AM(UTC) ): TGIF everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you all have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxo
Mystaria (11/9/2018 6:27:32 AM(UTC) ): I dont know min didnt read the book. :(
Leoness7777 (11/8/2018 5:22:10 PM(UTC) ): Okay going off for a brief Yawn Sleep Cheek Kiss
Leoness7777 (11/8/2018 5:16:06 PM(UTC) ): Hey everyone! The one of JP smoking is hilarious...
admin (11/8/2018 3:13:13 PM(UTC) ): BigGrin Was Janice used in the book also Mystaria? Think Cool
Mystaria (11/8/2018 1:32:44 PM(UTC) ): know? LOLOL xoxoxo
Mystaria (11/8/2018 1:32:40 PM(UTC) ): minion i wanted to ask do you think it was a coincidence my name was in you were never really here?? :) i mean come on how many Janices do you really
HippieChick (11/7/2018 5:22:05 PM(UTC) ): Yep
admin (11/6/2018 8:34:04 AM(UTC) ): Playing the Joker he gets to smoke Spirits all day BigGrin
admin (11/6/2018 8:33:29 AM(UTC) ): I'm sure the Joaquin man would consider any role, sequel or not, on it's own merits Cool Smoking
admin (11/6/2018 8:32:57 AM(UTC) ): ... so the Joker is going to really out perform to even consider a sequel of any kind Pray These are the realities Sad
admin (11/6/2018 8:31:41 AM(UTC) ): Joaquin's movies have had no Broken Heart at the box office this year Sad Even his fans don't watch his movies Laugh RollEyes
TTwombly2013 (11/6/2018 7:24:57 AM(UTC) ): I wonder if he would do a sequel to the Joker?
admin (11/6/2018 6:55:45 AM(UTC) ): He'll soon grow to Heart Clown when they offer $$$$ for a Joker/Batman sequel Laugh Our Joaquin has too much integrity for that No No No Think
HippieChick (11/6/2018 6:32:21 AM(UTC) ): I'm sure that once he finishes filming that he will never want to look at any clowns or Joker's ever again, let alone wear all that makeup.
Mystaria (11/5/2018 5:50:29 PM(UTC) ): just read on instagram shooting will resume nov 9th xoxoxoo
HippieChick (11/5/2018 4:43:13 PM(UTC) ): Man, that new pic of Joaquin as the Joker is all over instagram. It's all that is in my feed LOL.
Mystaria (11/5/2018 10:04:31 AM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxo
Mystaria (11/5/2018 10:04:14 AM(UTC) ): very sexy shot of joaquin as the joker min thank you xoxox
HippieChick (11/4/2018 4:34:04 PM(UTC) ): Yusssss
admin (11/4/2018 4:23:11 PM(UTC) ): Clown Thumbs Up
HippieChick (11/4/2018 1:40:39 PM(UTC) ): I feel ya on that babe. It’s pretty quiet.
admin (11/4/2018 7:14:45 AM(UTC) ): Bored
HippieChick (11/3/2018 6:11:52 AM(UTC) ): That would be cool. I wanna see how crazy he can get.
admin (11/3/2018 4:56:36 AM(UTC) ): Thumbs Up Hug Maybe they have been filming the Arkham Asylum scenes? Think Cool
Mystaria (11/2/2018 5:16:32 PM(UTC) ): ty for the info hc xoxoxo
HippieChick (11/2/2018 5:05:48 PM(UTC) ): scheduled to shoot in Newark again so maybe we will get some good stuff then?
HippieChick (11/2/2018 5:05:38 PM(UTC) ): yay Friday! I read on instagram there have been no leaks because scenes have been filmed at undisclosed locations indoors. November 9 they are
Mystaria (11/2/2018 6:23:48 AM(UTC) ): TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Hug Heart love you all xoxoxooxo
Mystaria (11/2/2018 6:23:18 AM(UTC) ): Doh
admin (11/1/2018 5:28:34 PM(UTC) ): Someone seems to have plugged the joker leaks RollEyes Bored Clown No No No
Mystaria (11/1/2018 7:33:12 AM(UTC) ): would be nice if he did min xoxo
Mystaria (11/1/2018 7:33:07 AM(UTC) ): ty min love ya xoxoxo Hug Cheek Kiss Kiss
admin (10/31/2018 5:10:50 PM(UTC) ): Will the Joaq man be making an appearance? Think Pray
admin (10/31/2018 4:22:31 PM(UTC) ): Sad Hug
Mystaria (10/31/2018 3:27:42 PM(UTC) ): Hug
Mystaria (10/31/2018 3:27:39 PM(UTC) ): i miss him sooo much. Crying Crying Crying
Mystaria (10/31/2018 3:27:22 PM(UTC) ): the 25th anniversary of Rivers death.. he will always live forever in my Heart
Mystaria (10/31/2018 10:14:58 AM(UTC) ): Well.. this day i hate you all know why.. but Happy Halloween anyway. hugs xoxoxo Hug Heart you all xoxoxo
Mystaria (10/31/2018 10:14:39 AM(UTC) ): Minion i liked him even when he looked like that;) :) :) xoxoxo
admin (10/30/2018 2:13:00 PM(UTC) ): Nerd Gone Loco! Nerd Gone Loco! Nerd Gone Loco! Confused No No No BigGrin RollEyes
Mystaria (10/30/2018 12:15:55 PM(UTC) ): hes always been beautiful minion where ya been? :) :) :) xoxoxo
HippieChick (10/30/2018 11:58:05 AM(UTC) ): Uh when he portrayed Doc Sportello, duh! BigGrin
admin (10/30/2018 10:34:07 AM(UTC) ): When did Joaquin become beautiful? Confused Is it the clown make-up? Clown BigGrin RollEyes
Guest (10/30/2018 6:26:43 AM(UTC) ): Gift FlowersHappy Birthday Beautiful
HippieChick (10/30/2018 5:27:36 AM(UTC) ): Well from what we all know about him, he probably hibernated for the weekend
TTwombly2013 (10/30/2018 2:55:47 AM(UTC) ): He was probably off celebrating his birthday
Mystaria (10/29/2018 5:39:37 PM(UTC) ): i noticed that.. i wonder what he did. hope he had a great day!
admin (10/29/2018 4:20:54 PM(UTC) ): Cool Looks like it was a quiet weekend, no sign of the Joaq man Think Baby rolling
Mystaria (10/29/2018 2:00:36 PM(UTC) ): for u min Hug Cheek Kiss Kiss Wub Love Love Heart
admin (10/29/2018 1:03:17 PM(UTC) ): Hug
Mystaria (10/29/2018 6:25:50 AM(UTC) ): Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all will have a beautiful day and week. hugs Hug Heart u all xoxoxoo
Mystaria (10/29/2018 6:25:32 AM(UTC) ): The younger the better Leo lol.
Leoness7777 (10/28/2018 5:15:22 PM(UTC) ): He's five years younger than me Mystaria --- LOL
Leoness7777 (10/28/2018 5:13:19 PM(UTC) ): Hope you had a magnificent day!!!! Worship Ha ha ha ha ha ha! LOTS OF BIG HUGS
Leoness7777 (10/28/2018 5:11:56 PM(UTC) ): 44 Years Young? Confused Wink Cheek Kiss Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake one for good luck!
Leoness7777 (10/28/2018 5:10:43 PM(UTC) ): Hey JP Happy Birthday - just in case you prefer to be known as The Joker right now -- Happy Bday to you Joker
Mystaria (10/28/2018 7:38:30 AM(UTC) ): hes only 2 years younger than me :) :) :) xoxoxo
Mystaria (10/28/2018 7:37:57 AM(UTC) ): love him Gift Gift Gift Balloon Balloon Balloon Cake Cake Cake Kiss Kiss Kiss Heart Heart Heart Party Party Party
Mystaria (10/28/2018 7:37:38 AM(UTC) ): sings Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Joaquin!! Happy Birthday To You!!! Hope he has a fabulous day
TTwombly2013 (10/28/2018 6:37:10 AM(UTC) ): Hope Joaquin has a nice birthday! Gift Balloon Cake Balloon Party Thumbs Up
admin (10/28/2018 3:46:18 AM(UTC) ): Gift Gift Gift HeadBanging Enjoy your birthday old man Thumbs Up
HippieChick (10/27/2018 11:02:11 PM(UTC) ): Happy 44th birthday to Joaquin! Gift Balloon Cake Party
HippieChick (10/27/2018 1:21:16 PM(UTC) ): No leaks from the Joker set so far. Do you think they have him the weekend off to celebrate his birthday?
Mystaria (10/27/2018 11:46:28 AM(UTC) ): Hope he has a nice birthday wherever he is minion xoxoxo
Mystaria (10/27/2018 11:46:16 AM(UTC) ): lol @ leo :) :) :) xoxoxo i can cook i never tried baking.
admin (10/27/2018 11:21:58 AM(UTC) ): Probably hanging with Rooney and friends in NYC, perhaps? Think Drink
TTwombly2013 (10/26/2018 3:22:26 PM(UTC) ): I wonder what he'll be up to for his birthday Think
Leoness7777 (10/26/2018 2:06:46 PM(UTC) ): Cake Cake
Leoness7777 (10/26/2018 2:06:26 PM(UTC) ): Mystaria better get baking.
Leoness7777 (10/26/2018 2:06:08 PM(UTC) ): It's JP's bday this weekend...I'd love to jump out of a box and suprise him...I'll be here...I get all the JP updates on YouTube.
Leoness7777 (10/26/2018 2:04:19 PM(UTC) ): He looks awesome as the Joker doesn't he?
Leoness7777 (10/26/2018 2:04:06 PM(UTC) ): Well, if you are going to bake a cake it better be vegan Mystaria!
Mystaria (10/26/2018 1:05:47 PM(UTC) ): maybe Minion:) xoxox
admin (10/26/2018 12:58:22 PM(UTC) ): Is it a vegan cake Mystaria? No No No Smile
Mystaria (10/26/2018 12:39:08 PM(UTC) ): Id like to jump out of his cake:)
Mystaria (10/26/2018 12:38:56 PM(UTC) ): Hope not minion and hello to you too Hug Cheek Kiss Kiss Love Love
admin (10/26/2018 11:50:11 AM(UTC) ): Will the Birthday boy be filming this weekend? Think Gift Gift Gift
admin (10/26/2018 11:48:56 AM(UTC) ): Hi ladies Hug
Mystaria (10/26/2018 11:24:05 AM(UTC) ): wanna create. xoxoxoox
Mystaria (10/26/2018 11:24:02 AM(UTC) ): no i dont make any money off of my fan vids Leo. lol.. i should but i do it just for fun.. whenever i feel creative and get a theme in my head that i
Mystaria (10/26/2018 11:23:19 AM(UTC) ): 2 more months til Christmas! are you ready?????????????? xoxoxoxoox
Mystaria (10/26/2018 11:23:06 AM(UTC) ): TGIF Everyone! Happy Friday! hope you all will have a beautiful day and weekend. hugs Heart love you all xoxoxo
Mystaria (10/26/2018 11:22:47 AM(UTC) ): missed you leo
Mystaria (10/26/2018 11:22:41 AM(UTC) ): Thanks Leo and to your daughter too. its my favorite xmas song too :)
Leoness7777 (10/25/2018 2:37:30 PM(UTC) ): pull the music and change it to one that YouTube authorizes
Leoness7777 (10/25/2018 2:34:54 PM(UTC) ): My daughter loves the song though you'll be getting a lotta plays from her.
Leoness7777 (10/25/2018 2:32:09 PM(UTC) ): The only problem is you are going to get hit a copyright issue because of the song LOL -- try using YouTube's authorized music...LOL
Leoness7777 (10/25/2018 2:30:48 PM(UTC) ): Howdy---yes me too HC -- Howdy Mystaria Admin --- Mystaria hope you monetized your YouTube channel. LMAO LOL Cheek Kiss
admin (10/25/2018 2:09:22 PM(UTC) ): Cool
Mystaria (10/25/2018 12:36:22 PM(UTC) ): Im almost at 6500 views for my joaq xmas fan video yayayya :)
Mystaria (10/25/2018 10:14:56 AM(UTC) ): Hi Leo xoxoxo
HippieChick (10/25/2018 4:07:01 AM(UTC) ): I’m definitely interested in how this film pans out
Leoness7777 (10/25/2018 3:32:46 AM(UTC) ): Hey Mystaria Hippie Chick Admin - this movie is really going to be a big thing...cant wait to see it!
Leoness7777 (10/25/2018 3:31:10 AM(UTC) ): I'm sure it's solid that a movie isn't going to disrupt their relationship.

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