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#1 Posted : Thursday, September 4, 2014 12:52:05 PM(UTC)
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by Alex Sportello

Alex showed up for her
first day of work not knowing what to expect. She had heard rumors
that there were corrupt cops in every police force across the United
States and she was about to join one of the most notorious of these:
The Los Angeles Police Department. Dressed casual in bell bottom
jeans and a white t-shirt, black hiking boots and hair pulled back
into a tight ponytail, Alex walked in through the front doors and up
to the reception desk to report for her first day of duty. “Alex
Brown, reporting for duty.” The receptionist, a mean looking woman
dressed in a black street cop uniform with her badge and various pins
on her uniform, frowned, as she gave Alex a once-over and directed
her to the third floor: homicide. Alex found the elevators to the
left, pressed the going up button and waited for the next available lift.

Larry was already at work,
headed for the coffee pot to pour his first cup of the day. Chief joined him as he was adding crème and sugar, telling Larry to meet
him in his office within five minutes. Larry had forgotten that
today he was to meet his new partner. He casually strolled into
Chief's office and sat down in one of the chairs across from the
desk. Sipping his coffee and listening to Chief rap about Alex.
“Her name is Alex, she is fresh out of training, so keep a good eye on her, Sportello. She's young and has a lot to learn, but I'm told
you just might be able to learn from her as well.” Larry rolled
his eyes and it was about at that moment that Alex came in through
the doorway. Larry looked up and, have mercy, spit out his coffee
all over his bell bottoms, denim button down shirt that was more
unbuttoned than necessary and his green army jacket. A little even
made it's way to Alex's crisp white t-shirt, to which she protested,
“Hey! I just washed this, man.” Larry stood while Chief
searched a desk drawer for some paper towels to clean up the
unexpected mess. “Sorry, I're so....uh, shit,”
stammered Larry. Alex gave him a quizzical look. Chief yelled, “Sportello! You got coffee all over my leather seats! Clean this
shit up, NOW!” Larry was noticeably embarrassed as he grabbed some
paper towels and first wiped off the seats and then walked over to
Alex and began to press a paper towel to her breasts where coffee
stains were starting to set. When he saw Alex looking at him even
stranger, he just handed her the paper towel and retrieved another to
clean himself up. He handed her his jacket and said, “You can wear
this for today to cover up my mess. I'm really sorry.” Alex put
on the jacket and found that it fit quite nicely and it was
comfortable, too. Once the mess had been cleaned up, Chief motioned
for Alex to sit down, however, Larry remained standing; he couldn't sit down comfortably with the noticeable hardon he now was having trouble controlling, much less hiding.

“Larry Sportello, or
should I say 'Spit-ello', this is your partner, Alex Brown. Alex,
Larry will show you around the office, where your desks are and then
you two have a humdinger of a case to work on today. Dismissed, both
of you.” Alex stood and nodded politely before heading out the
door. Chief stopped Larry before he could take one step. “Sportello, she's just a kid. Have her back at all times and for
God's sake, go easy on her.” Chief nodding, “I can't give you
all the details, but you and her are very similar and she slipped up
and is now at the mercy of the US government. They have decided to
put her here as long as they feel necessary.” Larry nodded, not
sure what exactly it was, that they had in common, but sure as hell
felt like he needed to be her protector all of a sudden.

Alex was waiting by the
soda vending machine sipping on a Dr. Pepper, when Larry walked up.
“Hey man, dig your chops and long hair,” she said to him, trying
to act casual. Larry smiled, said thanks and led Alex on to a quick
tour of the facilities. They ended up at their desks, facing each
other and a box of file folders in between. Larry motioned for Alex
to sit down before he took his seat across from her and started
pulling out the top file. He opened it, winced and asked her if she
wanted to have a look. Alex nodded, took the file and upon viewing
the photograph therein, her eyes grew wide with shock. She quickly
turned the photograph over, swallowed hard and began reading the
paperwork in the file. Larry watched her intently and quietly for
several moments until Alex spoke. “Have all witnessed been
questioned?” Larry shook his head. “We have a few we need to
talk to today and should probably head out. The car is this way,”
he motioned before arising from his desk and walking toward a
different set of elevators that led to the parking garage. Alex
followed quietly until they got to his car. “Holy shit, you drive
one of these?! That's what, a 1970's Dodge Challenger with a, let me
see here, hemi under the hood?” Larry beamed. “You must get a
lot of pussy driving that thing around, huh,” Alex asked.
“Eh...not as much as you'd think, well as a matter of fact, none at
all,” Larry said embarassedly. “Bummer, dude,” was Alex's
reply as she slid into the front seat and Larry closed the door for

Soon they were headed down
the 5 out of downtown Los Angeles and onto the 605 into Los Alamitos.
They found their destination on Drysdale Avenue and pulled up in
front of a decent looking home with a minivan in the driveway. Alex
cringed. “Ugh, if it's one thing I hate, it's those damn minivans.
People who drive them are nuts and it's not a car you want to be
driving if you're out looking to get some, that's for damn sure.”
Larry just looked at her, completely surprised. “What? Minivans
give me the creeps, OK?” Alex said. Larry shook his head and
laughed to himself before walking over to Alex's side of the car to
open up her door and let her out. “Ready,” he asked? “Ready
as I'll ever be. C'mon, let's get this over with,” Alex said with little enthusiasm.

A little later, after much
questioning of the witness, Larry and Alex decided they were hungry.
“So, where would you like to get some lunch from m'lady,” Larry
asked smoothly. Alex sat and thought about it for a moment, trying
to ignore the obvious flirting behind the comment. “I dunno,
maybe, like Carl's Jr or something, or is Hooters more up your
alley,” she responded, trying to stifle a laugh. “Ah, so this is
playful banter eh? Something to lighten up the day?” Larry
quizzed. Alex just shrugged and Larry said, “Hooters it is, then.”
Alex gave him a playful smack on the shoulder. Larry turned and
gave her a hungry and piercing sideways look before stepping on the
gas and showing Alex firsthand just what the Challenger could handle.
His hardon was back full force with no intention of subsiding unless
he did something about it.

Alex, meanwhile, was
trying to keep her own desires in control. “So, like what, are
you, like 30 something?” She asked. Larry shook his head. “No,
25, to be exact, and just how young are you?” Alex was not sure if
she should answer, but did anyway. “17.” “Ah, jail-bait, eh?”
Larry continued. Alex gave him a 'yeah, so-the-fuck-what” look.
“I don't mind, just gives me even more reason to keep a close eye on you,” he followed. “

“I don't need you to babysit me,” she said offended.

“Wasn't planning on it, but Chief gave me orders to keep you out of harms way.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Possibly. But it wouldn't hurt to have a friend by just in case.”

“In case of what, exactly, Sportello?”

“Let's just hope you never have to find out.”

It was about that time they
pulled into the parking lot at Hooters, the Challenger's engine
purring loudly from her run. Larry parked the Challenger away from
the other cars, shut her off and once again, as what would become
second nature, walked over to open the car door for Alex so she could
get out. As they walked toward the restaurant Alex announced, “I
can pay for my own meal, just so you know k? So I don't feel like I
owe you nothin like 'at.” Larry rolled his eyes. “Ladies, no
matter how young, never pay for their own meal when in the company of
a gentleman.” Alex shot back, “You are no gentleman. Don't
think I haven't noticed your hardon ever since I walked into Chief's
office.” Larry glared at her. It was obvious her comment hurt.
Why exactly, he couldn't figure out. “Alex, what is your problem?
What happened to the playful banter?” Larry demanded. Alex didn't
answer until they were seated at a booth. Then she leaned across the
booth and whispered, “I was raped when I was 9 by someone my family
trusted. You frighten me.” Larry's eyes grew wide with shock and
started to water. He looked straight into her eyes, whispering,
“I....I'm sorry. I won't let that happen to you again. We are
partners and I will always have your back. Please don't be afraid of
me. I dig you, or what little I already know about you. You're fun
to be around with the joking and playful banter, that kind of stuff.”
Alex held out her pinkie. “Pinkie promise?” Larry wrapped his
pinkie around hers and nodded. “Pinkie promise,” he said. “For
what it's worth, even though I'm frightened, you are a groovy looking
dude,” she said, looking down at the table, embarrassed that she
had even had the nerve to say so. When she looked up, Larry was
smiling at her.

Shortly thereafter, a
waitress in a white Hooter's t-shirt and the trademark orange shorts
that your ass would most assuredly be partially, if not mostly
hanging out of, came over with their menus and took their drink
orders. “I'll have a Coors and a sweet iced tea. She would like
a, what...Dr. Pepper?” Larry guessed. “Yeah, I'll have a Dr.
Pepper and keep em coming,” Alex said without looking up from her
menu. The waitress added, “Your little sister is so cute.” Alex
stifled a laugh and Larry's cheeks became slightly flushed. “Thank
you,” he said politely, “you're kinda pretty yourself babe.”
The waitress blushed and said she would be back with drinks shortly.
Alex stayed hidden behind the menu, her face red with jealousy. She
was quiet for a little too long and Larry chimed in, “So, kiddo,
what'll it be? Chicken nuggets and fries?” He started laughing
and Alex kicked his shin from under the table. “Ow!” he whined.
“Serves you right, jeez Larry, keep it in your pants, will ya?”
“What did I say?” he protested. “Oh, are you jealous?” A
huge Cheshire cat grin spread across his face. “ mean,
stop trying to get pussy when I'm around will ya? Do that shit on
your own time.” Alex squeaked. Larry pulled down the menu and
looked at Alex's face all contorted in strange facial expressions
trying to hide her jealousy. “Yep, you're jealous,” the smile
still wide across his face. Alex melted when he smiled. His gray
eyes twinkled with mischief. “Shut up,” was all she could muster
and then when the waitress came back with their drinks she said, “Uh,
I want, like, the grilled chicken caesar salad, no tomatoes and can I
like, get some ranch with that?” The waitress smiled and said,
“sure hon,” as she was writing down her order. She turned to
Larry, “and what will you have?” Larry thought for a minute,
“Hmm. I think I'll have the hot buffalo wings with extra sauce”
Larry took Alex's menu and handed both his and hers to the waitress
who left to put in their order in the kitchen.

Alex stayed focused on her
food and Larry sat watching her as he munched messily on his buffalo
wings. At this point, Alex could no longer make eye contact with
him. They stayed this way throughout lunch and Alex momentarily
excused herself to the bathroom before Larry paid the bill and they
were back out on the road in search of more witnesses to interrogate.
However, Alex was silent. So, Larry turned on the radio to a local
station that played 60's and 70's rock. Alex was content to just sit
and listen to the music to try and drown out the growing feelings and
attraction she was developing for Larry. After a while, Larry spoke. “Don't be hard on yourself. It's cute that you're jealous.”

“No Larry, it's wrong and inappropriate.”

“Alex, it's not a big deal.”

“Maybe not for you. I feel stupid.”

“You shouldn't feel that way.”

“Well I do. Here it is the first day on the job and already I have a crush.”

“I don't mind. You're the first chick to like me anyway.”

“You're 25, I'm 17.”

“Age is just a number. I'm not offended. I'm flattered.”

“I feel like a fool.”

“You're not the only one who is fighting feelings here babe.”

“Don't call me that. And what do you mean I'm not the only one?”

“My highly noticeable hardon remember?”

“Oh yeah, that.”

“I won't hurt you. I promised that. I intend to keep that promise.”

“That covers a wide range of territory. What exactly do you mean?”

“I won't do anything that you don't want to do.”

“I don't want to do anything but get to the next witness.”

“OK. Problem solved.”

“For now, at least.”

“You smoke?”

“Fuck yeah, light me one up, maybe it will mellow me out.”

“Well, I have some Thai stick, is that groovy?”

“Weed is weed, man, light that shit up and let's get Chinese eyes.”

Larry laughed. “I see you
are also a fan of the Cheech and Chong variety?” Alex shrugged.
“Yeah, I got a thing for Chong, Cheech is just like, the wing-man,
or whatever.” Larry thought about it as he lit the joint and gave
it to Alex for the first inhale. Pot smoke filled the Challenger as
they headed to their next stop. After they finished, Larry rolled
down the windows to sort of air out the car and their clothes, but it
really didn't do a lot of good. However, Alex was pretty mellow and
was back to her sarcastic, chatty self, which Larry was beginning to
really like. Alex looked over at him, stoned out of her fucking mind
and very bluntly stated, “Hey man, nice Chinese eyes.” Then
proceeded to burst out laughing. Larry was laughing too and barely
managed to say “Yeah, you too,” in between attempting to laugh
and catch his breath.

At the end of the day,
Larry offered to drop off Alex at her home. Alex allowed him to only
come to the corner of Laurel Canyon Drive and Mulholland Drive. She
told him he could let her off there. “What time should I pick you
up in the morning?” Larry asked. Alex shrugged, “I dunno, I'll
be here about maybe 6am, groovy with you?” “Groovy,” Larry
said as he waved and drove off to his own home on Dunecrest in
Gordita Beach. Alex walked up the street to the home in which she
was currently staying, occasionally looking back wondering if the
days events had really happened or if she was imagining it all. When
she got home, she plopped down on the couch in front of the TV and
hoped to catch South Park, if it were still on.

Larry couldn't stop
thinking about Alex as he drove home. He was trying to hold on to
how beautiful she looked in her bell bottoms and t-shirt with his
jacket. Fuck! He forgot to get his jacket back. It's not like he
could turn back and expect her to be waiting for him on the corner,
so he would just have to wait until tomorrow morning when he picked
her up in that exact same spot for work. Would she sleep in it?
Would she still be wearing it tomorrow? He wondered. Thoughts raced
through his mind. What exactly did she sleep in, if anything at all?
What did she look like when she was sleeping? Did she sleep on her
side, curled up with a pillow, or sprawled out all over the bed?
Before he realized, he was parked in his garage underneath his little
beach house. He cut off the engine, shut the garage door and headed
into his home, still with Alex on his mind. For some reason, he
couldn't think of anything else. Nothing else mattered.

Alex realized when she was
getting ready to shower and get to bed, that she had forgotten to
give Larry's jacket back to him. She neatly hung it on the chair in
her bedroom after undressing and stepping into the shower. Her heart
was racing and all she could think about was Larry. His long, curly
brown hair, his mesmerizing gray eyes, the mutton chop sideburns that
her hands ached and longed to touch...the unbuttoned denim shirt that
showed his chest and a patch of chest hair and most notably, the
apparent large hardon that he couldn't seem to control in his sexy,
tight bell bottom trousers. Was this just a crush or was it
something more? Something real, something serious? Oh no! Was she
falling in love with him? She had never been in love before and
these new feelings and thoughts were overwhelming. So overwhelming,
in fact, that she cried and chastised herself in the shower for even
having these thoughts. “What the hell did he mean that he wasn't
the only one fighting with feelings?” she said to herself. Dozens
of questions swirled through her mind. “Does he like me too? I
mean, like, really like me, or is he just trying to get me in bed to
fuck? He said he would protect me, but can he protect me from
himself? From his 'feelings'? What if this is all just in your
head, Alex? What if you are over thinking this?” “AAAAAHHHH!”
she screamed, frustrated at all the confusion. She finished her
shower, got ready for bed, laid down and cried herself to sleep. She dreamt of what it would be like if she were his and he were hers.

She wasn't the only one who
tossed and turned that night. Larry, naked and alone in his own bed,
dreamt of what it were like if he and Alex were together. Images of
romantic dinners, walks on the beach, lighting up and holding the
joint to each other's lips as the other inhaled, a marriage proposal,
a wedding, intense lovemaking....a baby swirled through his dreams.
Larry woke up, cold, sweating and for some reason, crying. Where
were all these feelings coming from? He had gone 25 years not really
thinking of any serious relationships, much less even marriage and a
baby. Now all of a sudden, he was seeing what his life could be with
Alex. He was actually wanting the life he had just woken up from in
his dream. He was wanting the girl he had just met the day before,
to be his for the rest of his life.

The next morning, Alex sat
waiting on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Mulholland, Larry's jacket
neatly folded in her lap and wondering if he had forgotten he was
supposed to pick her up. It was 6:30 and she had no way to contact
him, not only because there was no phone nearby, but also because she
did not have his number, and was about to head back home to call a
cab to take her to work. Just then, Larry pulled up, put the
Challenger in park, jumped out and opened the door for Alex,
apologizing for being so late. He looked different today. His hair
was pulled back into a tight ponytail, he was wearing a Panamanian
hat with a brown ribbon around the brim and dark sunglasses that hid
his eyes. He still wore tight bell bottom trousers and a long
sleeved button down shirt that was today, buttoned higher than usual.
Alex handed him the green army jacket as he closed the passenger
door and headed back into the driver's seat. He just threw it in the
back seat before pulling off and heading to the office to review more
files. “Um, did I do or say something wrong, Larry?” The
silence seemed to go on for an eternity. “Larry?” Larry let out
a sigh and then sharply said, “Call me 'Sportello', OK?” Alex
choked down the lump that seemed to cut off her breathing and speech.
“Sure thing, Sportello,” she said sadly. The drive to the
office was silent and Alex just looked out the window, feeling like a
fool for basically everything. More so, for allowing her to feel
anything for Larry and believing that he would keep his promise and
not hurt her. “I brought this on myself,” she chastised herself
silently. Tears welled up in her eyes and it was about the time that
they pulled into Larry's space in the parking garage that Alex bolted
from the car and ran up the stairwell, instead of taking the
elevator, to the office. However, she did not go inside. Instead
she curled up at the top of the landing, rocking back and forth and
crying. Well not necessarily crying, but sobbing. She did not hear
Larry's footsteps slowly coming up the stairs. He stood over her for
a moment, before sitting down beside her and reaching out to gently
touch her shoulder. Alex recoiled violently. Larry withdrew his
hand. “Get away from me, Sportello! I hate you and I hate myself
even more!”

“Alex, it's for your own good.” Larry protested.

“For my own good?! Yeah I guess you're right. You're a monster!”

“I promised to protect you and this is the only way I know how.” Larry said, also crying.

“I can't believe I let you affect my dreams and sleep or that I felt anything for you.”


“Just leave me alone! Go away!”

“ hurt you.”


But Larry didn't leave.

“I don't want to go away, Alex.”

“Well I want you to go away. I don't want to have anything to do with you.”

“Alex...I love you. I don't know how, but all I know is that I'm in love with you.”

“Fuck off, Sportello. You're a fucking liar.”

“No, Alex. I also had a
dream last night. Of a life with you. Of the life that I never
knew I even wanted, but want more than anything...with you and only
you. But I made a promise that I would protect you and that I would never hurt you.”

“Oh, so you are pushing
me away because you love me? What kind of fucked up mindset is that?!”

“I don't know, Alex.
All I know is that yesterday when you walked into that office that I
felt something that I had never felt my heart...and as
we worked together and talked, that feeling grew stronger. No girl
has ever had that effect on me...not until you. I tossed and turned
all night because I couldn't get you out of my mind. Call me crazy,
but for me, at least, it was love at first sight. But in order to
protect you, as promised, we have to keep it professional, at the office, at least.”

By this point, Alex had
uncoiled and was now sitting and staring at Larry, even more confused
than she had ever been up to this point in her life. She just couldn't believe what she was hearing.

“No, Larry. This isn't
what love is supposed to be like. You don't flirt with a girl one
day and then completely shut her out the next. You don't play with a girl's heart like that. You don't lead a girl on like that.....”

Alex didn't even get to
finish what she wanted to say before Larry had pulled her tight to
his chest, tilted her head back and kissed her more passionately than
he had expected. Alex pulled away and slapped Larry hard across his
cheek. “Don't ever do that again, Sportello!” The pain in
Larry's heart was far worse than the pain of the hard slap. Tears
ran down his cheeks, he got up quietly and headed into the office,
leaving Alex alone to compose herself before the workday started.
Larry made a quick stop to the men's restroom to wash the tears off
his face, assess the injury thereon and to pull himself together
before heading to his desk. It was going to be a long day, to say
the least.

Alex showed up a short
while later. “You're late, Brown,” Chief said sternly. “Sorry,
Chief, my cat died last night and I had to get my shit together
before coming in,” Alex lied. Larry looked up at her in disbelief.
“Problem, Sportello?” Chief inquired, noticing Larry's
expression. “Uh, no Chief. I just had no idea Brown even owned a
cat,” he lied. “Get to work, you two. And Brown?” Alex said
firmly: “Yes, Chief?” “Sorry to hear about your cat.” Alex
nodded and immediately got to work. She picked up another file and
began to scan the paperwork and notes inside trying to piece together
witness statements and suspect alibi's. A while later, Larry got up
to go pour himself a cup of coffee and came back also with a few cans
of Dr. Pepper for Alex. She nodded and went back to reading her files.

A short while later, Larry
broke the silence. “We need to go have a look at the crime scene
this afternoon.” Alex looked up. “Yeah, ok,” she said as she
opened one of the cans of Dr. Pepper and took a huge gulp. Larry
leaned across his desk and grabbed the file Alex was reading. “Hey,
I was reading that,” she protested. He just shrugged. “Something
doesn't make sense here. This witness statement varies from this
other witness' statement.” Alex took a look. “Yeah, it does,
what do you want to do? Bring them in for further questioning?”
Larry thought for a moment. “Yeah. Need to get to the bottom of
this. The real issue,” he said looking at Alex as if he were
trying to say something that in reality, dealt with the issue at hand
between them and not necessarily, the case. “C'mon, let's go check out that crime scene.”

Soon enough, Larry and Alex
were headed up to Griffith Park, which happened to be right around
the area where she was currently living. Larry parked the Challenger
and didn't even have her turned off before Alex was already out of
the car and headed to the crime scene. Larry grabbed his jacket from
the back seat and quickly tried to catch up to her. He was short of
breath before he finally reached Alex. Panting hard and holding out
his jacket to her he said, “Here, you forgot this.” Alex gave
him a 'fuck you, asshole' look before retorting back, “That's not
mine and I have no use for it.” “Alex, just take the damn
jacket, please?” Larry begged, annoyed at her refusal. Alex
ripped it out of his hand and threw it over her shoulder and
continued walking around in the area still lined with yellow police
tape. “What exactly are we looking for?” Alex asked after a
while, trying to figure out, exactly, what they were supposed to be
looking for. Larry led her into an area just inside the trees, away
from public view. Alex grew tense. Larry took the jacket and threw
it on the ground. “What the fuck are you doing, Sportello?” she
demanded, growing frightened at the hungry, lustful look in his eyes.
“I told you, getting to the real issue,” he growled. “NO!”
Alex protested and began to back away, but Larry grabbed her and
pulled her close into a hug. He held her close, not moving or
speaking. He ran his fingers through her hair and caressed the back
of her neck. His touch was gentle. “I think you and I both really
needed one of these today,” he said softly. He cradled her head to
his chest and she could hear his heart beating hard and at a rapid
pace. She let her guard down and returned the embrace. “We don't
have to be professional here, babe,” Larry whispered quietly in her
ear and added, “Let me just hold you in my arms so that I can once
again have your trust and maybe one day, your love. I don't want to
let you go.” “Then don't,” Alex whispered. “OK,” Larry
whispered back. They held each other for quite some time, then Alex
pulled back, looked deep into Larry's eyes and gently touched the
cheek that she had slapped only a few hours earlier out of anger and
pain. Larry winced, slightly, but kept his gaze locked with hers.
“So this is what love feels like?” she asked. Larry smiled, “Yeah, I think so.”

They left the park and
headed out to find a place for lunch. Alex was now wearing the green
army jacket that Larry had given her. Both in the mood for something
light, seeing as their stomachs were in a state of distress given the
earlier events of the day, they settled on the soup, salad and bread
sticks lunch at a nearby Olive Garden. “This is one of my favorite
restaurants,” Alex quipped. “I'll keep that in mind for future
reference,” Larry said thoughtfully as he stuffed his mouth with a bread stick.

No time to return to the
office, Larry and Alex were out in search of something to kill some
time. “Let me show you my part of town,” he suggested. Alex was
game. “But first, you need a swim suit and probably some
sunscreen, seeing as you have fair skin and all. I'm thinking you
would look great in a black bikini, I know just the place.” Alex
looked at him with a raised eyebrow before asking, “And what
exactly are you going to wear? You going naked or something?”
Larry laughed. “No, we are going to stop by my house after
shopping so that I can grab my shorts and towels and we can change.”
She squinted her eyes at him. “Don't worry, you can change in the
bathroom and I'll change in the bedroom so that I won't see you
naked, even though, I must admit...I really want to,” he reassured
with that mischievous grin that sent Alex into melt mode.

Shopping was actually a lot
of fun for Larry. He had heard stories and had seen commercials on
TV about men agonizing about having to shop for clothing of any kind
with the ladies in their life, but for him, it was exciting. He got
to see Alex in about 50 or so different styles of black bikini's
before they both decided on which one was just right. The top was
halter style that snapped at the back of the neck and a gold ring
held together the cloth that covered her breasts and showed off her
cleavage nicely. The matching bottoms were tied together at the hips
with thin strings that could be untied with only one hand from the
gold rings on each side meaning easy accessibility for Larry,
although he wasn't about to admit that. At least, not yet.

Back at Larry's beach pad,
he found his blue and white Hawaiian print board shorts and two tie
dyed beach towels. He put the towels and the sunscreen into a dark
blue drawstring backpack with a green marijuana leaf on the front.
Alex changed quickly in the bathroom and Larry in the bedroom before
walking barefoot down to the beach. Larry had the backpack slung
over his shoulder and with his free hand, he took Alex's in his own
and would occasionally bring it up to his lips for a quick kiss,
followed by that smile...oh THAT smile! They found a nice spot close
to the water and set their towels in the sand to sit on. Larry
pulled the sunscreen from the backpack and read the label, “SPF
100, Geez, I hope this works,” before sitting on the towel behind
Alex and beginning to softly massage it into her back and shoulders.
He was really good at massaging and by the time he had finished, Alex
was pretty much a puddle of jelly from being so relaxed. She then
took the tube and applied sunscreen to her arms, chest, belly, legs
and face. Larry sat and watched her. “Damn, I should have
remembered to get your chest before I gave you back the tube.”
Alex blushed. “Do you need any of this,” she asked, hoping he
would say yes. Instead, he shook his head and pulled out a bottle of
tanning lotion, sat down in front of her and handed her the bottle.
“Ok, you get my shoulders, back and chest and then I can get the
rest, k?” Alex nodded and began to grease him up. She could feel
the muscles in his back and chest. She was really enjoying rubbing
lotion onto them. Larry looked at her lovingly. She looked up and
their eyes met in a sweet gaze that neither one of them wanted to
turn away from. They each laid down their bottles of lotion and
sunscreen on the towels to keep them from blowing away and headed
down to the water. Larry stepped in first, holding Alex's hand and
telling her the water felt great. So she followed him in thereafter.
They walked further into the Pacific Ocean until the water was at
their chests. They kissed and held onto each other as the waves
crashed into the shore. The sun was beginning to set by the time
they were ready to get out of the water and most of the other beach
dwellers had already left for the day; the surfers were coming back
safely to shore on the last waves of the day. They walked for a
little while up and down the beach and before they were ready to
leave, Larry took Alex in his arms and told her that one day, he
would ask her to be his wife, right here, in this very spot and that
he loved her very much. That much he knew. And then he kissed her,
for the fourth time that day.

After nightfall, they
walked back up Dunecrest to Larry's place. He let Alex shower first,
while he waited patiently in the living room. When she was finished,
she came out with her hair wrapped in a towel, white bikini bottom
panties and one of Larry's Doors' t-shirts. Larry's jaw dropped. “I
hope you didn't mind,” she said quietly. Larry shook his head and
finally was able to say the words, “No, not at all. It looks
groovy on you.” Alex smiled and found a spot to curl up on the
couch. Larry went into the shower for a while and came out wearing
only a pair of blue boxer briefs and was drying his hair and face
with a towel. He looked good wet, fresh out of the shower. He came
back over to the couch and saw that Alex was very tired. He gently
brushed her cheek as he sat down next to her. “Hey,” he
whispered softly, “I know you are tired, but how about I order a
pizza and soda? You hungry, babe?” Alex nodded and Larry went
into the kitchen to find the phone and put in an order at the local
pizza joint. He came back to find Alex fast asleep, cuddled with one
of the couch pillows. He sat on the floor in front of the couch, lit a joint and turned on the TV to see what was on.

Alex awoke with a start
when the pizza dude knocked on the door. She opened her eyes to see
Larry, now dressed in those tight bell bottoms again, no shirt,
paying for the pizza and bringing the delicious smelling box and
thirst quenching Dr. Pepper bottle over to the small coffee table in
front of the couch. “Dinner's here, babe. I'll be back with some
plates and glasses,” Larry said as he headed to the kitchen to
rummage through the cabinets to find what he was looking for. He
came back with plates and glasses in hand, set them down on the table
and proceeded to pour some Dr. Pepper in one of the glasses for Alex
to drink. Alex opened the pizza box and got out a slice of pizza for
both her and Larry, and they soon got into face stuffing activities
of the pizza variety. It didn't take long for them both to finish
off the entire pizza, either. Afterward, Alex glanced up at the
clock above the TV. “Shit! I've got to get back home and get some
more sleep before work tomorrow. Larry, will you take me home,
please? Oh and thanks for today, it was groovy.” He took her hand
in his and kissed it softly. “It's late, why don't you sleep on my
bed tonight and I will stay out here on the couch?” Alex looked a
little uncomfortable. “If you don't want to, I will take you home.
It just feels nice having you here with me. It's not so lonely,”
Larry said sincerely. “I won't touch you, I promise.” Alex
believed him when he said it and so she agreed to stay for the night.
He carried her into the bedroom and sat her down on the edge of the
bed. Grabbing a pillow, he kissed her goodnight and went to lay on
the couch. Alex grabbed the other pillow and curled up with the
sheet, falling asleep again rather quickly. She felt comfortable in
Larry's bed.

Larry woke the next morning
to the smell of breakfast being cooked in the kitchen. He sat up on
the couch and hoped Alex wouldn't notice his morning boner. When he
could finally stand up, he wandered into the bathroom to take a piss
and assess the mess his hair had managed to get into while he slept.
Still only dressed in the boxer briefs and the bell bottoms, he found
his way to the kitchen and leaned against the fridge, smiling a
sleepy smile in Alex's direction. “Food is almost ready, you wanna
pour some juice,” she asked sweetly. “Mmmm, something smells
good,” Larry beamed. “Haven't had anyone make me breakfast since
I lived back at home with my parents.” Alex shrugged, “Eh, it's
no big deal, just trying to be kind, 'at's all.” Larry came up
behind her and put his arms around her waist. Alex backed up from
the stove a little so that he would not burn his hands. Larry buried
his face in the side of her neck and he could feel Alex's pulse start
to quicken. His warm breath on her neck sent shivers up and down her
spine. Her breathing became heavy as he placed soft kisses along the
nape of her neck. He reached over her and took the spatula from her
hands and turned off the stove. Then reached up in the cabinet and
retrieved two plates and proceeded to put a serving of scrambled eggs
and bacon on each. Alex regained her composure and slid out from in
front of Larry to give him room. She went to sit on the couch and
Larry joined her shortly, plates full of food, silverware to eat with
and after a trip back to the kitchen, two glasses filled with orange
juice in hand. He and Alex sat quietly on the couch enjoying their
breakfast. When it was over and their bellies were full, they
proceeded to get fully dressed and headed out the door to the office.

Arriving at the office a
bit early, Larry and Alex resumed their professional roles the best
they could, but the way they kept looking at each other and their
body language revealed to the others at the office that this was more
than just a professional partnership. Chief caught Larry as he was
headed to the restroom. “Sportello, this isn't what I meant when I
said to take care of her.” Larry's shoulders shrank. “Couldn't
help it, Chief. She just...I dunno....has this effect on me.”
Chief gave him a pat on the shoulder and said, “Well, as long as
you two work hard to stay professional on the job, it's none of my
business what you do outside of work.” Larry nodded and then
headed into the restroom to rid himself of the already 3 cups of
coffee he had this morning. Chief walked over to Alex' desk and
motioned for her to join him in his office. “Close the door,
Brown,” he said as he motioned for her to sit down in one of the
leather chairs across from his desk. Alex felt nervous. She had
already seen him talking to Larry and was bracing for a possible
lecture. Chief just sat down in his chair and began a little something like this:

“So, I see you and Sportello are getting along well?”

“Yes, Chief.”

“Anything you'd care to share with me?”

“Like what, exactly?”

“Let me put it this way: How do you feel about Sportello?”

“He's ok,” Alex shrugged.

“C'mon Alex, I think you see him as more than just 'ok'.”

“Alright, I sort of have a crush on him.”

“Is it just a crush, or is there more?”

“Chief, why is this relevant?”

“It's relevant because
ever since you showed up for duty, Sportello hasn't been his 'usual
self' exactly. He seems to be wrestling with some sort of 'inner demon' if you get my drift?”

“If you are asking if we have a physical relationship, Chief, then the answer is no.”

“Good to know, but will it always be that way?”

“I don't know, Chief.
I'm trying to figure out why he seems to have the effect on me that
he does, trying to figure out what these new emotions and feelings are that have been sending my mind into a tailspin.”

“Well, he's a young,
good looking guy and you, if I may say, are a beautiful young woman.
It's only natural to be attracted to each other. You both are at the age where these emotions run free.”

“So, what do you suggest, Chief? Giving us different partners?”

“God, no! You two are
good for each other, I can tell. You both share something rare in common, that I know you both want to keep under wraps.”

Alex's eyes grew wide. “You mean, he has 'abilities' like me?”

“That's exactly what I mean.”

“Fuck! I mean, um...sorry Chief.”

“No offense taken. As
long as you both keep it as professional as possible, I don't see
any problems. What the two of you do outside of work, well that's your business, not mine.”

“Understood. Anything else, Chief?”

“As a matter of fact,
yes. Take care of him, Alex. He needs you just as much as you need him. You both just don't know it yet.”

With that last statement and
Alex having a completely dumbfounded look on her face, Chief
dismissed her from his office. Alex excused herself and told Chief
she was headed on break. He nodded approvingly and she made a
beeline straight for the bathroom. Larry saw her break into a sprint
and looked over at Chief with a 'what the fuck did you say to her'
look on his face. Chief just gave him a 'don't worry, she will be
fine' look and stepped back into his office. While Alex was in the
bathroom, Larry walked over to Chief's office and knocked. “Come
in, Sportello.” Larry thumped down in the chair.

“Chief, if I may ask, what just happened?”

“Brown and I just had a little chat.”

“A little chat? She just ran from your office scared shitless!”

“She will be fine, Larry.”

“How sure are you about that?”

“I gave her the same talk that I gave you. About keeping it professional?”

“So you basically embarrassed her?”

“No, not exactly.”

“Then what, exactly?”

Chief sighed: “You
remember a few days ago when I told you that you both have something in common?”


“Sportello, she has 'abilities' just like you.”


“Sportello, she is just
like you. That is why I put you two together. She was asking if I
was going to separate you and give you each different partners and that is when I told her.”


“I also told her to take
care of you and that you both needed each other more than you realize.”

“So basically you...”

Chief cut him off:
“Careful, Sportello. Go talk to her. You both have the rest of the week off to talk and sort things out.”

Larry swallowed hard and
excused himself from Chief's office to go find Alex. He found her in
the stairwell of the parking garage in full panic attack mode. Larry
sat down beside her and sighed. “Chief has given us the rest of
the week off. We need to talk, Alex.” He pulled her close and
wrapped one arm around her shoulder, gently rubbing her arm. “Fuck,
man,” was all she could say. Larry nodded agreeingly. They sat in
silence for a while. Larry gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze.
“C'mon, babe, let's go somewhere we can talk, k?” He stood up
and reached his hand out to her. She took his hand, got up and they
walked to his car. Once inside, Larry lit up another joint, passing
it to Alex to take the first hit and said, “Here, this should
help.” They smoked all the way to the beach. Alex was more at
ease and felt like she was in her natural element when they arrived.

They spent a good part of
the day walking up and down the boardwalk and pier, talking about
what needed to be discussed. Larry would hold her hand, they would
walk with his arm around her shoulder and her arm around his waist.
Occasionally, Larry would pull Alex to his chest in a warm embrace
and kiss the top of her head. They sat on the edge of the pier with their bare feet hanging over the side.

“Larry, was what Chief
told me this morning what you were trying to protect me from? What you hoped I'd never have to find out?”

“Yes. That and the good cops gone bad.”


“Babe, I never wanted
you to see that side of me. Now that we both know we have 'abilities', maybe we should just get it all out in the open.”


They talked more about the
'abilities' in question. Turns out, they were both, well, vampires.
Alex had shifted from different bodies since the year 161 A.D. Back
then, she was known as Crispina, the wife of the infamous Roman
Emperor, Commodus. Commodus, was also a vampire and had transformed
Alex, or Crispina, on their wedding night, against her will, in the
throes of passion. As her body aged as Crispina, she left that body
behind and inhabited many others, ranging from poor peasants to
Czarina Alexandra Fedronova, wife if Nicolas II, mother to the famous
Anastasia, who had been rumored not to perish when the overthrow of
Nicolas began in the early 1900's. Here she was, now, as outwardly
appearing as your average 17 year old in 1999, that had made the
mistake of publicly showing her abilities and being placed in the
hands and at the mercy of the US Government as a powerful secret weapon in training.

Larry, on the other hand,
was a very new vampire. He was born with his abilities back in 1974.
Both his parents had been born the same and their parents before
them. He wasn't exactly sure how exactly, the vampire curse, had
implemented into his family and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out.
All he knew, is that he had always been this way and had to be
careful around what was considered 'normal' people so that they would
never find out his secret. After talking at the pier for a while,
Larry guessed, “So that's why you have to have that SPF 9000 huh?”
Alex laughed. “But why don't you have to have it, Larry?” He
shrugged. He had no idea why. “I guess I'm just weird,” he
joked. Alex agreed, “Totally.” They sat looking out over the
ocean for a while, content just to be in a serene and calm environment after another crazy day.

“Larry,” she said
after a while, cautiously. “If I asked you to make love to me and take my virtue, would you?”

Larry swallowed hard. “Only
if that is what you really want, Alex. I don't want you to do this if you don't really want to. I need you to be absolutely sure.”

“I want you to. I want to know what it feels like to be loved by you.”

With that, Larry jumped up,
helped Alex to her feet and said, “We need to make a stop first, at
the drug store, so I can get some condoms.” Alex nodded and off
they went, back to the car and to the store.          

to be continued....

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Vampires, holy smokes!  Who would have thought it!
That's a great talent you've got there HippieChick 
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 Larry nodded, took Alex's hand in his, kissed it and fired up the Challenger.

They arrived back at
Larry's home around sunset. Once outside of the car, Larry picked up
Alex and carried her into the house and to the bedroom. It would
definitely be a night neither one of them would ever forget.

Afterward, as Alex lay in
Larry's arms, she gently caressed his chest and he rubbed her back
and shoulders. Both exhausted and emotions running more wild than
ever. “Would you like me to light up a joint, babe?” Larry
asked. “Yes, some Chinese eyes would be nice right about now, although I'm kinda on an 'after fuck high'.” Larry just looked at her in amazement.

“After fuck, high?”


“Alex, I made love to you, I didn't 'fuck' you.”

Alex just laid there silent for a while, embarrassed.

“Babe, it's OK I just
don't want you to think this is only a physical thing. For me, it is
me showing you how I feel about you when words just don't do enough.”

“OK, Larry. I just needed to make sure.”

With that, Larry sat up and looked at her with half intent/half sadness.

“Do you love me back?”

“Yes, Larry, I do. Jesus, I'm just really bad at this.”

“Do you think that I just wanted to get you in bed?”

“A part of me does.”

Larry sat thinking more for a moment.

“If I had only wanted to
get you in bed, I wouldn't have poured my heart out to you. I
wouldn't have cried when I thought I was going to lose you the
other day. I wouldn't have felt so deeply about you to the point
it took over my subconscious. I wouldn't have let you affect me the way that you do. Alex, I love you. I'm in love with you.”

Alex swallowed hard.
“Larry, I love you too. I feel safe with you. You make my heart
leap out of my chest and I say stupid shit because I'm so nervous and so scared of fucking up and you leaving me.”

“I won't ever leave you, Alex.”

“How can I be sure?”

“You have my word, my heart and my I gave myself to you, and only you, that's how.”

“Alex, do you believe that I love you?”

“I...I don't know. I
want to believe it. This is all just so new, happening so fast. I
have no experience in this area, Larry. You are my first love. I
hope it is true. I know that I love you. Or at least I think this is what love really is.”

Larry looked deep into her
eyes and tried to read her, but he had a hard time because his own
emotions were confusing his thoughts and concentration. Alex was
beginning to become more afraid. She could very well read the pain
in Larry's eyes. Larry got up and put on his boxers and bell
bottoms. Alex sat up and covered herself with the sheet, now facing
away from Larry, ashamed of the words that had come out of her mouth.

“Alex, I thought you were ready for this? I thought you were sure?”

“I WAS sure! But once it happened, new feelings and insecurities surfaced.”

Larry stood and watched
Alex curl up into an invisible shell, a force field that protected
her from the world. Her insecurities and fear were very evident.
While she loved him, she just couldn't believe that he truly loved
her. She was afraid that now he had made love to her, that he would
find some reason to leave. She had to protect herself from the pain
she felt. Larry gathered her clothes and placed them beside her on
the bed and walked out of the room, saying as he left, “You should
probably put these on so that I can take you home.” Alex sat
there, silent, before finally gathering the energy to get dressed.
She walked out the front door once she was dressed, slamming the door
and heading down the stairs to the sidewalk. As she walked up Dunecrest to find a bus to take her home, she heard the roar of the
Challenger's engine approaching. Alex did not look back. Larry
called to her, “Alex, please get in the car.” Alex ignored him
and continued walking. Larry followed her and continued to call to her. “I'm not getting in the car, Sportello!” Larry sighed,
becoming more annoyed until he finally stopped the car, put it in
park, shut her off and began running toward Alex. When he caught up
to her, he grabbed her arm. Alex spun around and jerked her arm
away. Larry wouldn't let her go. “You hurt ME, Alex. I feel like
you lied to me.” Alex yelled back, “I was being HONEST with you, Sportello! I have absolutely no idea how real and true love
relationships go! I've never been in love until now and I have no
idea what I should or shouldn't be doing!” Larry stopped,
surprised. “Just BE yourself, Alex! Don't fuck me because you
think that is what I want you to do! Make love to me, let me make
love to you because you WANT to!” Alex yelled back, making sure
the whole neighborhood heard, “I DID want to! I wanted it more
than anything! I wanted YOU! But now because me being naïve and
not knowing how to say the right things, you just want to dump me off
at home? What? Because you can't handle the truth? Because you
don't have the brains enough to see what I'm really trying to say?”
Larry tried to find words, but couldn't seem to. Then he quietly
asked, “So what are you really trying to say?” Alex said, “I
do love you! I'm just scared. I'm afraid you will leave me if
someone better comes along. I've seen it happen before. I've seen
people who appear to be totally in love and in sync with each other,
only to break up later on. I can't go through that. It would kill
me because of how in love I am with you. I'm scared that you will
see me as 'easy' because I was so willing to give you my love. I'm
scared because I gave you my love, I gave you something I have never
given anyone else, EVER! I'm just scared!” With that, Alex
screamed at the top of her lungs and punched a nearby concrete bench,
cracking it and her knuckles in the process. Alex fell to her knees
in pain and cried out. Blood was gushing from her hand. Larry, now
in complete freak-out mode, fell to his knees beside her to assess
the damage. It was real bad, the bone was exposed, torn flesh and
blood everywhere. “Oh God! Hold on, I need to find
something....fuck!..anything to wrap your hand in and we need to get
you to a hospital.” Larry choked out, as he stood and headed to
his trunk to find any kind of cloth to tie off the injury. He found
a rag and immediately came back to Alex to wrap her hand. Alex was
now throwing up in the grass by the sidewalk due to the intense pain,
crying and sight of so much blood. Once Larry had her wrapped, he
scooped her up off the sidewalk and put her in the car then sped off
to the nearest hospital.

Alex was still curled up in
the front seat when they pulled up to the emergency department
entrance. A nurse came out to the car with a wheelchair and Larry
helped Alex into the chair so she could be wheeled into an exam room.
The nurse told Larry where he could park the car and he would need
to go to the front desk in the waiting room to fill out paperwork
before he could come to the room with her. Larry nodded and headed
for the closest parking spot. When he arrived at the waiting area
desk, the paperwork was already waiting for him. A nurse walked him
back to the room Alex was in and told him he could just fill out the paperwork there while they waited for the doctor.

When Larry walked into the
room, Alex was already dressed in a hospital gown, but still had her
pants on. Her shirt and bra were placed in a plastic bag since they
were both vomit and blood stained. Tears continued to stream down
her cheeks. A nurse was in the process of inserting an IV into the
uninjured arm and would soon give her morphine for the pain. At this
point, Alex was unable to speak. The look of concern was very
evident on Larry's face. The nurse casually asked what his and
Alex's relationship was and he flashed his badge stating they were
partners on the police force and that there was a special unit where
teens were placed with established officers for on the job training.
She eyed him suspiciously, but then decided maybe she didn't want to
know any more details. “Mr. Sportello, how did the patient acquire her injuries?”

“We got into an argument about a case while on the job and she punched a concrete bench.”

“Ms. Brown, is this true?”

Alex nodded, shamefully.
She had to keep it professional, because if anyone at the hospital
found out they were romantically involved, Larry would be arrested,
as Alex was still considered a minor and their age gap was considered
out of the statute of limitations/consent. The nurse wrote down
their statements on the chart paperwork and then after giving Alex a
dose of morphine, told them that the doctor was on his way. Alex
leaned back on the reclined gurney and Larry pulled up a chair and
sat next to her filling out as much as he could on the admission
paperwork. They sat in silence for only a few moments before the
doctor came in. He unwrapped Alex's hand and took a good look at it.
Alex screamed out when he tried to straighten her fingers. It was
evident that the hand was broken, the knuckles were shattered and she
would require immediate surgery. The doctor took some x rays, a
surgeon was consulted and surgery was scheduled right away. As the
nurses were preparing Alex for surgery, they asked Larry to stand
outside the room and wait. He paced the hallway and then was asked
to join Alex's bedside as they wheeled her into surgery. Larry held
her good hand and by this point Alex was fading in and out of
consciousness. She would look up at Larry, occasionally, and her
vision was blurred, but she knew he was there. A nurse guided Larry
to a waiting room outside the surgical suites and told him they would
let him know as soon as she was out of surgery. Larry nodded and
forgetting he still had the admission paperwork, proceeded to hand it
to the nurse. He went and sat down in the waiting room and read a
few Car & Driver magazines and flipped on the tube to see what
was on this late at night.

He had fallen asleep on the
waiting room couch and was drooling on his chest when he was awoken
by a nurse who also happened to have a paper scrubs top for him to
wear. “Mr. Sportello, it is quite odd, that being on the job, you
managed to come in without a shirt or shoes of any kind.” she said
suspiciously. Larry coolly answered, “I took off my shirt to wrap
her hand at first, but when that didn't work, I found the rag in my
trunk. I don't wear shoes because I'm a hippie and we don't wear
shoes.” The nurse seemed satisfied with that answer and said,
“Well, OK Sounds logical. It is just strange that a man of your
age would be seen with a girl her age...” Chief walked in with
Bigfoot Bjornsen, a fellow detective before she could finish her
sentence. “It's OK ma'am, we can handle it from here,” Chief
said. “Sportello and Brown are assigned partners in a special
program we have for youth wanting to get into the line of police work
after graduation,” he continued. The nurse, still skeptical
replied, “Mr. Sportello arrived only wearing jeans. He had no
shirt or shoes of any kind. Ms. Brown is a minor and it looked
suspicious. We were only following protocol.” Chief nodded, “We
appreciate your concern, however, everything is legal and legitimate
here. We just have a few questions for Sportello here on just how
the incident on the job unfolded. He and Brown are new partners, so
this is an adjustment period for both of them. I can assure you he
would never do anything to hurt her. His job is not only to provide
her with on the job training, but to provide her with adequate
protection while on the job as well.” The nurse nodded and changed
the subject to Alex being fresh out of surgery and that her hand had
been repaired, but would be in a cast for 3 months or so due to the
seriousness of the injury. Larry, Chief and Bigfoot all nodded and
the nurse walked away. “She is in recovery, so she cannot have visitors, but once she is moved to a regular room, you may see her.”

“Alright, Sportello. Spill it.” Chief demanded.

As quietly as he could,
Larry said, “OK, Alex and I got into a fight. We had spent the day
talking about what you had suggested at the office. Does he really
have to be here?” Larry glaring at Bigfoot, who was a little too interested in the unfolding events.

“Yes, protocol is he being here for back up. He already knows, Sportello.”

“Yeah, it's not like I
really give a fuck, but she's a good kid, Sportello” Bigfoot growled.

“Fuck off, Bigfoot,” Larry shot back.

“Sportello!” Chief warned.

“Anyway, Alex decided
she wanted to take things to the next level. We wound up back at
my place and afterward we got into an argument. I was going to take
her home, but she walked out before I could get the car. I
followed her up Dunecrest, pleading for her to get in the car, she
refused. I got out, we argued more, she punched a concrete bench and here we are.”

“She...decided to take it to the next level?”

“Yes, SHE was the one
who brought it up. I asked her several times if she was sure and she kept saying yes.”

“So why the argument afterward?”

Larry sighed. “She had
some insecurities afterward, I got my feelings hurt and I accused her of being dishonest.”

“So, what are you going to do to fix it,” Bigfoot, now quite interested, asked?

“Whatever it takes,” said Larry before breaking into a sob.

“I fucked up.”

Chief just gave him a pat
on the back. “Don't worry, Sportello. You still have time to make
this right. When she wakes up and is moved to her room, Bigfoot
and I will accompany you. We will stand guard at the door and you
two can talk. I can write up an order saying that since you two
are partners on the force, that it will be in your best interest for
you to stay and keep an eye on her. The nurses will have no choice
but to let you stay, since it is an official police order. Then
when she is released, and willing to, then you may either take her
to your home, or accompany her to her own home and take care of her
until she is able to comfortably adapt while she heals. She will
be put on medical leave, but you will have to come back to work
after a three week suspension.” Larry looked scared. “The
suspension is not for disciplinary purposes, it is just protocol
after a partner is injured 'in the line of duty' and just between
the three of us, so you can fix your fuck up and take care of her.
Showing her that you truly love her and will be there for her, so
that she will be able to let go of her insecurities. I'm putting my job on the line here, Sportello. Don't make me regret it.”

Larry nodded and the three
of them continued to sit in the waiting room. Sportello grabbed the
TV remote and put the tube on ESPN where the Lakers were up against
the Mavericks. Before long, the three of them were sucked into the
unfolding drama that is professional basketball. They were about
half way through the game when a nurse came out. “Larry
Sportello?” she called. Larry stood up. “Um, that's me.”
“Ms. Brown is requesting your presence. She is awake and ready to
be moved to her own room. Please follow me,” the nurse said
quickly. Larry stood and followed the nurse. Chief and Bigfoot
continued to wait in the waiting area. Larry was relieved to see
that Alex was OK Her hand was in a cast wrapped in pink plaster.
“Can I sign it first,” Larry asked. “Sure,” Alex responded,
sleepily. She was tired from the events of the day and night. The nurse went to find a black sharpie marker. “I'm sorry, Larry.”

“Alex, it's OK I overreacted.”

“I did too.”


“It's OK, Larry. I'm not mad anymore.”

“Me either. Now I'm the one who is scared.”


“It's OK I never knew you could be so angry.”

“I have issues, remember?”

“Yeah, I kinda forgot that. I still love you.”

“I love you too, Larry.”

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Another great installment HippieChickThe chief is a very understanding and sympathetic fellow... I wish I had a boss like that!I thought they were going to find out that Alex was a vampire at the hospital whilst carrying out tests 
Until next time... 
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Thank you. Actually, in the first installment toward the end, we found out Alex was a vampire because Chief had mentioned to her that Larry was just like her in the sense that the abilities made them vampires. Yeah, having a boss like Chief would probably make everyone's work experience more enjoyable, or at least tolerable. Not sure when the next installment will be ready, I seem to be experiencing writers block at the moment. I am glad my creativity is appreciated. Thank you to all who support me in this.Cool Confused
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Hi HippieChick... I meant to ask, regarding the vampire issue, in your fan faction are Doc and Alex vampires in the traditionally sense (drink blood, live forever, active at nighttime, etc) or are they "vampires" in a metaphorical sense?You associate it with their "abilities", can you clarify or will all become clear in later installments? 
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